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Dear all,

We had a meeting today with around six attendees about how to add a page on
processes and future appropriate steps on Christchurch call. Here is the
recording: https://bluejeans.com/s/ck9uO/

We decided to write up an addendum on the process so that the NZ government
can have feedback on the process to work with. The rough version is in the
google doc page 13 and 14. If you want to comment on the addendum, you can
do so within the next 24 hours.

(please send your comments to me I will insert them)

The NZ government has decided to create 4 work streams: Global Internet
Forum Counter Terrorism reforms, Algorithm, Crisis and Crisis response.

The following points were raised during our meeting today:
- There is a danger that Christchurch call is going to be advanced through
multilateral process if discussed in multilateral events and its mandate
might go beyond "terrorist content". we need to be mindful of that and
encourage the NZ government to work with the rest of the Internet community
and also if possible prevent the process to become multilateral.
- We don't have the time or resources to have a standalone process for
Christchurchcall  but we can have use InternetNZ Christchurch forum as the
coordination space.
- There will be a UGA meeting in September and Christchurchcall will be
discussed there. (just raising awareness not for the UN to adopt)
- The civil society and other stakeholder groups should be able to
participate on equal footing in the processes for moving CC call forward.
- some aspects of the text of the pledge is not acceptable and should be
discussed during implementation.


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