[governance] IGF 2020 to be held in Poland

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The rotation has been widely discussed today at the MAG meeting
because so many of us were not happy to have yet another IGF happening
in Europe.

But the UNDESA and the IGF Secretariat mentioned that they are doing
everything they can to ensure other countries are biding in but they
only receive few interested countries.

On a question I raised about the requirements, it was noted that there
is a strong financial expectation from the host, which is supposed to
cover ALL the expenses related to putting together an IGF. And this is
between 2-3 millions USD (less, if the event is to be held at the UN

So, a lot to say... But for now, people should get ready for Poland!

2019-06-05 12:53 UTC+03:00, Nouradine Abdelkerim <governance at lists.riseup.net>:
> hello and mabrouk al eid the problem to link to visas it really touches us
> africans of an african postulate for a visas to attend a forum or training
> the consular service will believe that him when he issued the visa he does
> not want  not return to your country of origin so that in strategic
> meetings of icann, Igf or any of its meetings you will not see many
> Africans attending. by how you want Africa to advance while some decisions
> that you unanimously decide to really concern our dear continent.Then
> meditate on this problem bind to visas and sea.
> Le mer. 5 juin 2019 à 10:35, "Michael J. Oghia"
> <governance at lists.riseup.net>
> a écrit :
>> Hi Mawaki, all:
>> No need to apologise or call it a rant. It's a very fair point, and I
>> appreciate your articulation. As someone who lives in Europe and
>> undoubtedly benefits from having the IGF hosted on the continent, I am
>> also
>> frustrated that – assuming it's already been decided – the IGF would be
>> held yet again in Europe.
>> I know that the country where it's held mainly rests on which government
>> is willing to host it, so I do understand if the options are limited.
>> What are the solutions to this?
>> Best,
>> -Michael
>> On Wed, Jun 5, 2019 at 11:26 AM Mawaki Chango
>> <governance at lists.riseup.net>
>> wrote:
>>> Good point, Abdeldjalil. Geneva, Paris, Berlin and now Poland
>>> (Varsovie/Warsaw, I guess?) That's four.
>>> The Schengen visa is such a hassle for so many people, and so time
>>> consuming! I'm not even talking about getting all the paperwork in
>>> order.
>>> One has to secure the interview appointment months and months in advance
>>> and that alone is sometimes enough to cause failure.
>>> And when you manage to get the visa, it only lasts the exact number of
>>> days planned for your meeting (or whatever the purpose of the visit.)
>>> And
>>> even if one knows there's another meeting (say, ICANN) coming up in the
>>> next few months still in the Schengen space which one needs to attend,
>>> one
>>> has to go through all of it again. They won't consider that even if the
>>> visa paperwork for the next meeting is ready. Certainly not if the two
>>> consecutive meetings are happening in two different Schengen countries,
>>> although any Schengen country visa applies to the whole of Schengen
>>> space.
>>> I'm not even sure they accept to issue an extended visa in the case the
>>> two
>>> meetings were to happen in the same country three or four months apart.
>>> The
>>> bureaucracy of sovereignty !
>>> Okay, I guess that was my mid-week rant. Otherwise, I'm looking forward
>>> to seeing and enjoying Berlin and hopefully Warsaw.
>>> Mawaki
>>> On Wed, Jun 5, 2019, 08:29 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong <bachar at igf.td>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Thanks Arsene for sharing.
>>>> Congratulation for that innovation :knowing the date early .
>>>> After 3 round I'm Europe we hope that after Poland will be in AFRICA .
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