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On January 31, 2018 at 18:38 milton at gatech.edu (Mueller, Milton L) wrote:
 > Civil society groups on the left often fantasize that they will be the ones
 > doing the regulating when they establish forms of centralized control. Got news
 > for you: you will be standing in line behind a lot of other people. The agenda
 > may not play out the way you expect. Before you call for these forms of
 > regulation, let’s see some real economic analysis of how these industries are
 > organized, and perhaps also some signs of effective and well-informed
 > participation in existing forms of multistakeholder internet governance, where
 > at least the environment is open to our participation.


I once had the pleasure of spending an evening with a Minister of
Information of a let's say not very democratic country.

He was a very nice and interesting person.

Eventually I asked him why freedom of the press was non-existent in
his country?

He told me how I didn't understand, a false news article -- by which
he meant publicly upsetting -- could cause rioting in the streets and
many could die or be injured.

I suggested that may be because you have trained your people that such
"false" news is not possible because you censor it carefully so they
believe everything they read. You have created a huge and
self-defeating vulnerability for yourself.

This was quite a few years ago, his country no longer exists.

        -Barry Shein

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