[governance] [bestbits] George Soros comments on Google and Facebook at Davos

willi uebelherr willi.uebelherr at riseup.net
Sat Jan 27 16:09:54 EST 2018

Am 27/1/2018 um 04:39 schrieb Ian Peter:
> Well worth a read. After a few paragraphs dealing with other substantive 
> issues, Soros hones in on the monopolistic powers of Google and Facebook 
> and the threats they pose.  He doesn't mince words - and he doesn't 
> underestimate the societal impacts of what is going on.
> Ian Peter
> https://www.georgesoros.com/2018/01/25/remarks-delivered-at-the-world-economic-forum/ 

Dear Ian,

this text is a big nonsense. George Sorros don't understand the play of 

The background for the establishment of monopols in the sphere of 
telecommunication is the strong activities over all years for 
privatisation. And all state structures do that. Not only from the USA.

The only way to make telecommunication as an open space for free 
information flows ist to bring this under control of the societies. And 
based on the definition for InterNet, the Inter-connection of local 
Net-works, the communities stay on the first position. Not private or 
state instances.

But this perspective George Sorros don't like.

many greetings, willi
Asuncion, Paraguay

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