[governance] RootsAction: Like it or not (and we don't), they could destroy the world

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Dear Suresh,

i read, that you work as a professional SPAM detector and blocker for 
Apple and IBM. This is your field of experience.

In the text from Kanumuri we find the references to free access to a 
free telecommunication, in form of an internet, for all people in all 
region on our planet. We find his reference to unfold the local capacity 
to create this technical medium. This text, based on his forms, you will 
declare as SPAM.

Maybe, the form of the texts from Kanumuri is difficult to read and 
understand. Yes, also for me. But never, we can say, this is SPAM. His 
thematical elements are always important for us. His perspectives are 
very valuable.

You can formulate a big nonsense in smart form. And you can formulate a 
high valuable proposal in a terrible form. The method of a pleasing word 
combination is not sufficient for a good content.

You live in India. Parminder also. Maybe, you know Kanumuri. You can 
help him to find a better way for its mode of formulation, without 
destroying the content.

I write this in this lists, because you attack Kanumuri in this lists. 
Mostly in your first answer.

many greetings, willi
Asuncion, Paraguay

Am 10/7/2017 um 03:18 schrieb Suresh Ramasubramanian:
> Do me a favour and let me know how much of this has anything at all to do with internet policy or governance.  If you can frame whatever political ideology in these terms of reference please go right ahead and discuss them.
> Other than that, vaguely worded diatribes against large corporations, the USA, communism or whatever else have plenty of fora to call their own.
> Internet policy and Igov fora appear to be rather more limited, so it'd be ideal if people who want to fulminate against whichever country or ideology they detest the most  take them to a more appropriate forum.
> --srs

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Dear one all ,

I am not spamming at all. If you think so, i wont need to share your 
ground realities. I know how ISOC ,ICANN works from they day they where
incorporated and also what is my teams and great innovators, human 
rights activists, multi stake holders contributions to internet , 
internet innovations, polices world wide. during one of 1st ICANN 
Meetings ,ISOC meetings early 90;s we proposed multi stake holders 
security privacy of un - educated users, villagers using mobiles etc is 
important and also on eco sytem around us and mass surveillance IP theft 
etc. Open sources, open sharing of experiences ground realities 
important facts i important and how poor un - educated youth , middle 
class is suffering where technologies left them in baffled state.

Once again apologizing above the poverty. non middle class person's who
got Hurt-ed thinking over views are spam and so many AD's coming to us,
cyber attacks , fake news , social media is also spam which we are 
effecting and Why EU asked Google to pay fine and and all banks, 
companies got cyber attacks is also SPAM and ordinary e- mail users 
Internet users who don't know what is security etc must be thought as 

Open internet freedom is lost any privacy is lost. where we wont share
further in policy groups of other countries but sharing with in 
developed countries and multi stake holders needs at grass root levels 
and people who are looking for jobs food energy education and their 
security etc with peace and prosperity locally.

Good day to you all
kanumuri s raju

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