[governance] [Internet Policy] RootsAction: Like it or not (and we don't), they could destroy the world

Suresh Ramasubramanian suresh at hserus.net
Mon Jul 10 03:18:25 EDT 2017

Do me a favour and let me know how much of this has anything at all to do with internet policy or governance.  If you can frame whatever political ideology in these terms of reference please go right ahead and discuss them.   

Other than that, vaguely worded diatribes against large corporations, the USA, communism or whatever else have plenty of fora to call their own.  

Internet policy and Igov fora appear to be rather more limited, so it'd be ideal if people who want to fulminate against whichever country or ideology they detest the most  take them to a more appropriate forum.


> On 10-Jul-2017, at 12:37 PM, srajukanumuri <srajukanumuri at gmail.com> wrote:
>  I am not spamming at all. If you think so, i wont need to share your ground
>  realities. I know how ISOC ,ICANN works from they day they where incorporated
>  and also what is my teams and great innovators , human rights activists,

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