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With my special highlights (snippets) as follows:

On Jul 13, 2015 3:12 PM, "Anriette Esterhuysen" <anriette at apc.org> wrote:
> commitment to multistakeholder processes and multilateralism should not
> be seen as mutually exclusive.

> What is also interesting is that they specify that equal footing is
> among governments. This is a longstanding demand and it is one that will
> not go away. They are making the legitimate demand in my view that a
> 'global resource' be developed and managed in a global way, with all
> governments having equal voice. Nongovernmental actors should not be
> intimidated by this. Whether more equal footing among 'old empire' and
> 'new empire' will be good for a fair and open internet and inclusive
> internet governance is the real question.
> But assuming that the existing status quo is necessarily better for
> nongovernmental stakeholder participation just because Europe/US are so
> much more explicit about their support for multistakeholderism is not
> enough.

> That they say the the UN should play a "facilitating role in setting up
> international policies pertaining to the Internet" is not a bad thing
> and could be interpreted as including the IGF. I think this is far, far
> better than the previous CIRP proposal of the UN setting a new body to
> make internet policy which was simply not feasible in my view and would
> have produced a bottleneck stopping progress such as what we have seen
> in, for example, the Human Rights Council.
> In practice the UN is already facilitating several internet-related
> policies, e.g. the Human Rights Council's resolutions on internet
> freedom of expression and the General Assembly resolution on privacy.

> I think it simply means that they are not letting go of wanting a more
> equal distribution of power and influence over internet policy and
> regulation among governments.
> And, a secondary layer to this is of course having a more equal
> distribution of opportunity for internet-related business and industry.

> Anriette
> On 13/07/2015 14:23, Keith Davidson wrote:
> > Does this means the ICANN "breakthroughs" of having Brazil and India
> > pledging allegiance to multistakeholderism is now meaningless, as the
> > heads of state of BRICS have reaffirmed their commitment to
> > multilateralism?
> >
> > Cheers
> >
> > Keith
> >
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