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Wed Apr 1 08:13:59 EDT 2015

On Wednesday 01 April 2015 05:39 PM, parminder wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 April 2015 04:14 PM, Ang Peng Hwa (Prof) wrote:
>> Hi Parminder.
>> I went to the IGF page and searched for your proposal. I’m surprised 
>> that the entire group of organisers consists of civil society players 
>> only.
> Hi Peng Hwa
> Perhaps you missed noting that we have entered the proposal not as a 
> regular IGF workshop but under 'others' - calling it as an 'outreach 
> event'. And out reach event for any initiative is obviously done by 
> those associated with organising that event, here, the Internet Social 
> Forum, which are all civil society organisations.  The Internet Social 
> Forum is to be a thematic forum under the World Social Forum rubric. 
> The World Social Forum in fact only allows civil society groups to 
> participate and not businesses or government. Please see this link for 
> WSF's criteria of paticipation .


> Now if you want to take up issues with the WSF and its criteria of 
> participation, that is a different thing - there are much better 
> worthies to defend it than I.
> BTW, among the organisers are both civil society and technical 
> community groups, and it has been made clear in the past that it is 
> not necessary to have stakeholders as co- organisers of an IGF workshop.
>> The online proposal form has a button that allows one to ask for help 
>> if one has difficulty getting stakeholder participation. Your 
>> proposal does not have that request. I presume it means that you are 
>> not seeking inputs from government or the private sector.
> You can conflating organisers and participants. If you look at the 
> tentative panel, you will find a wide variety of stakeholders.
>> Back in 2010, when we organised the first APrIGF, you and I had a 
>> couple of side chats during the meeting in HK and you gave some 
>> critical inputs that, in the long run, strengthened the meeting. One 
>> of the criticisms was that we had no government representation on the MSG
> As far as I remember, both at the HK meeting, and later in exchanges 
> on this list, my main point was to involve the UN regional commission 
> of Asia Pacific.
>> (multistakeholder steering group; acronym cunningly chosen because it 
>> resembles flavouring originating in Asia). There was a bit of finger 
>> wagging by you even then and I explained to you that we had tried but 
>> no government was stepping up. Since then, we have seen increasing 
>> government involvement with the APrIGF. Fast forward to 2014 and the 
>> Indian government played a major part in the APrIGF in Delhi. I don’t 
>> know if you played a part in that but your critique in 2010 was 
>> helpful in prodding us to get government on board. In the coming 
>> Macao meeting, they are involved in sponsorships as well.
>> So now, seeing a proposal from you where only civil society is 
>> speaker and audience is puzzling. I
> you are wrong on your facts .
>> have battle scars from being ejected at meetings by government 
>> officials between the two WSISs. They are so rare these days I wear 
>> them as a badge of honour.
>> So these are my questions that come top of my head.
>>  1. If civil society can organise a session where no government or
>>     business organisation is invited, would it be acceptable if
>>     governments and business organise their own meetings among
>>     themselves?
> Where did you read that no gov or business is invited? Further, we 
> have a variety of stakeholders on the panel as well. Yes, no business 
> at present. I would love to get a small developing country business 
> but can never find one. If you know anyone please do refer to me.
>>  1. If even the World Economic Forum is recognising the importance of
>>     a multistakeholder model
>>     http://www.weforum.org/reports/future-role-civil-society, would
>>     not a civil-society-only meeting be a step backward?
> I have pretty good idea about what WEF recognises and what it does 
> not, and to what purpose. (BTW, do read their Global Redesign 
> Initiative, and their vision of the future of governance. But if you 
> cant read it all, see a short critique in this article 
> <http://www.twn.my/title2/resurgence/2014/287-288/cover02.htm> , go to 
> the  box in the article on 'From NetMundial to the WEF'.) The workshop 
> on the Internet Social Forum at the IGF is of course not only civil 
> society. As for your objection to the proposed Internet Social Forum 
> itself being only civil society, you will need to engage with the 
> World Social Forum, at whose 2015 meeting last week about 40,000 
> people congregated from the world over. The next WSF is probably in 
> Canada, and there will curely be an Internet Social Forum event there. 
> You are welcome to come.
> Below are the current top news about the 2015 WSF meeting. (You may 
> also know that the WSF - read charter here 
> <http://www.forumsocialmundial.org.br/main.php?id_menu=4&cd_language=2>- 
> was called in direct opposition to the WEF, so obviously a lots of 
> people were never too happy with WEF's multistakeholderism and 
> inclusiveness !)
> http://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2015/mar/23/world-social-forum-tunis-activists-united-against-global-power-grab
> http://www.equaltimes.org/2015-a-key-year-for-world-social#.VRvcts3SUyo
> http://cadtm.org/Declaration-of-the-Assembly-of,11452
> http://www.democracynow.org/2015/3/27/african_economist_samir_amin_on_the
> Finally, since I have answered your questions, I will like to ask you 
> if you think that the workshop we are proposing on an Internet Social 
> Forum should be accepted (1) at the IGF, and (2) at APrIGF. And also 
> what really does it mean to make it necessary for workshop proposals 
> to present all issues 'incorporating a multi-stakeholder perspective'. 
> Isnt the test of 'incorporating public interest perspective' better .
> Regards
> parminder
>> Regards,
>> Peng Hwa
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>> Subject: Re: [governance] [bestbits] Fwd: [Rigf_discuss] [Extended 
>> Deadline: Apr 7(Tue)] APrIGF Macao 2015 - Last Chance to Submit Your 
>> Workshop Proposals
>> On Tuesday 31 March 2015 01:29 PM, Anja Kovacs wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>> I just wanted to share with you all that the submission deadline for 
>>> the APrIGF workshops has been slightly extended, until 7 April. For 
>>> those of you who are in the region, do please consider submitting a 
>>> proposal!
>> Hi Anja
>> I am curious what would the mean and entail by "proposals ... should 
>> present the proposed issue ... incorporating a multi-stakeholder 
>> perspective".
>> For instance, it one were to present a workshop proposal titled 
>> 'Countering the power of Internet Trans-national corporations', one 
>> would normally be writing mostly about excesses of TNC's power in 
>> this area and what to do about it, isnt it. Would that fail the test 
>> of 'incorporating a MS perspective'.
>> Or, to take a more concrete example, those who organised the workshop 
>> on Internet Social Forum intend to also organise one the next IGF, 
>> the initial proposal is here 
>> <http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/workshop-proposals/list-of-published-workshop-proposals> 
>> ... I have a feeling that this proposal may not be considered to be 
>> 'incorporating a multi stakeholder perspective' but I dont know, you 
>> or someone else from APrIGF can tell me..
>> Best , parminder
>>> With best regards,
>>> Anja
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>>> From: *APrIGF Secretariat* <sec at aprigf.asia <mailto:sec at aprigf.asia>>
>>> Date: 30 March 2015 at 12:54
>>> Subject: [Rigf_discuss] [Extended Deadline: Apr 7(Tue)] APrIGF Macao 
>>> 2015 - Last Chance to Submit Your Workshop Proposals
>>> To: announce at aprigf.asia <mailto:announce at aprigf.asia>
>>> *Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum*
>>> *APrIGF Macao 2015*
>>> *30 Jun (Pre-event), 1-3 Jul (Main Conference), 2015*
>>> *Sands Cotai Central, Macao*
>>> http://2015.rigf.asia <http://aprigf.asia/>
>>> *Final Call for Pre-Events/Workshop Proposals*
>>> With our promotion at the RightsCon Southeast Asia which just 
>>> concluded in Manila last week, the MSG is very glad to receive the 
>>> overwhelming interests from the attendees on submitting workshop 
>>> proposals and their request for a further deadline extension. 
>>> To enhance the diversity of the proposals and engage more 
>>> stakeholders' participation, the MSG reached a consensus to further 
>>> extend the submission deadline to allow sufficient time for 
>>> community members to fully develop their workshop proposals.
>>> We now welcome proposals for pre-events or main workshop sessions 
>>> which should present the proposed issue in an inclusive manner, 
>>> incorporating a multi-stakeholder perspective with a balance of 
>>> stakeholders and gender in the speakers list. The session shall 
>>> promote an interactive dialogue among the participants.
>>> There will not be further deadline extension. Hence, it is highly 
>>> encouraged to submit your complete workshop proposal within the 
>>> extended period.
>>> *Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline: *11 Mar 2015 (Wed) 
>>> *[Extended to 7 Apr (Tue)]*
>>> *Online Submission 
>>> Form:* (http://2015.rigf.asia/workshop-theme-submissions/)
>>> If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact the 
>>> secretariat at sec at aprigf.asia <mailto:sec at aprigf.asia>.
>>> *
>>> If you are interested to follow any news and updates about APrIGF 
>>> and discuss relevant issues, you may subscribe to the mailing list 
>>> discuss at aprigf.asia <mailto:discuss at aprigf.asia> by sending in 
>>> subscription request.
>>> We also welcome any Internet-related organisation to become a 
>>> sponsor. Please contact sec at aprigf.asia <mailto:sec at aprigf.asia> for 
>>> more information.
>>> *
>>> Best Regards,
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