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I only request the ICG to monitor and ensure that the processes are genuinely open and inclusive. A review of the three proposal development processes at this stage would be more appropriate that ex-post fault picking.

I have already intervened in the RIR/numbers process, because as far as I can tell they have not really opened up a global process. See my post at http://lists.arin.net/pipermail/arin-ppml/2014-September/029026.html This has gotten some support, so things may improve on that front.

I am also actively monitoring the IETF/protocols process.

In the end, though, what you call “ex post fault picking” will be the real tool, because we cannot tell whether a proposal had widespread support or whether one group unfairly dominated the process or whether legitimate objections were ignored or overriden until the process is finished; i.e., ex post. The ICG will welcome comments or objections to proceses if people experience real problems.

Wouldn’t you say that ex post fault picking, wherein _real_ faults can be identified, is better than ex ante fault picking -- i.e., deciding in advance that everything is unfair or exclusionary before you even know what is it?

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