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@Milton: I personally agree with the logic that the proposals should come only from the operational communities as long as the proposal development processes are open and inclusive. I only request the ICG to monitor and ensure that the processes are genuinely open and inclusive. A review of the three proposal development processes at this stage would be more appropriate that ex-post fault picking.

I wish I had avoided bringing the reference to ALACs objection at the 3rd conference call as it has distracted you from addressing the concern about the non-inclusive proposal development processes adopted by the three operational communities.

The part about ALACs objection may please be ignored. However, since you have called me a liar, please allow me to refresh your memory with reference to the transcripts from the 3rd call:

"This is Jean‐Jacques speaking. To point out something which poses a problem for the At Large representatives, and that is, throughout the text there is two strong distinctions between the operational communities or entities and the rest on the other.... But from the input, right from the start, such a strong distinction being made, seems quite curious to me, and in fact, quite unacceptable. The proposals which will be made by the whole of the ICG, should be part of the proposals of the operational communities, and of other affected communities."

to which your (MM) reply is "Communities are asked to adhere to open and inclusive processes in developing the responses. So what exactly is missing here Jean‐Jacques?  I don’t get it.". The reply of other ICG members is along similar lines "it is best for stakeholders to work through the operational communities in the creation of the operational proposals, but when you get to the second step, which is the creation of a proposal from the operational proposal, then the broader group of stakeholders can also directly input to us."

Since that exchange we discussed it further at the Sept 6 meeting, and modified the language in ways suggested by both Jean-Jacques and myself. You have to pay attention to the complete record.

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