[governance] Re: [bestbits] Call for nominations for civil society representatives for the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory group (MAG)

Daniel Pimienta pimienta at funredes.org
Mon Sep 22 08:24:57 EDT 2014

>But Best Bits should also make sure to have some 
>strong names from 'developing' countries. Also, 
>keep in mind that people nominated from 
>developed countries would need to have access to 
>funding to attend meetings of the MAG.  Support 
>for MAG meetings is not easy to get and is 
>generally only available for people from 
>developing countries. In my time on the MAG from 
>2012 to 2014 I think I only received UN support 
>to attend a MAG meeting on 2 occasions and on 
>one of those the funding did not include airfare.

What Anriette exposes is a fundamental issue of 
true democratic participation in global context 
and her experience is a crude testimony of what 
is really happening behind the nice discourses.

I would say it is not only an issue for Best 
Bits, it should be a key issue for all and every 
IGF and ICANN mechanisms of participation as for 
any global multiskakeholder attempt to reach some 
form of justice... and BTW, the actual global 
economic crisis makes this issue still more acute 
as many (bi or multilateral) support funding have been fading away.
Transparency of the flow of support and the 
associated criteria of selection is also an important part of this issue.

And to react and connect 2 independant threads in the same mail:

>speaking of PrepComs reminds me that they need a 
>Chairman. I have no hesitation in stating that 
>Adama Samassekou is the best suited for this job.Â
Indeed Jean-Louis, Adama would be the perfect 
choice... and he is deeply aware of the first issue.

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