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Izumi AIZU iza at anr.org
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Here is what I just sent to the organizing committee of the World Internet


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From: Izumi AIZU <iza at anr.org>
Date: 2014-11-21 10:59 GMT+09:00
Subject: My reservation to Wuzhen Declaration
To: Organizing Committee of World Internet Conference <info at wicwuzhen.cn>

Dear Sir/madam,

I have been enjoying the WIC so much. Thank you for creating and sharing
this wonderful event.

I agree with the theme - Internet governance for all - or Interconnected
world shared and governed by all. I appreciate the open dialogue sessions.

Now, to the Wuzhen Declaration, I would like to make following comments for
the record as an active member of the Civil Society engaged in Internet
Governance and Information Society issues and make my humble reservation.

First, getting the draft in the middle of the night and the deadline of 8
am for any revision is impossible to accommodate. This is against the
spirit of "shared and governed by all".

Second, there is no mention of "Multistakeholder" process or approach which
has been well accepted by most, if not all, of stakeholders at ICANN, IGF,
and other international fora for Internet governance mechanisms. Even
though there are a lot of room for improvement and reform, simply ignoring
this principle from the declaration, in my view, will greatly discredit the
value of our declaration.

Also, there is no reference to WSIS Tunis Agenda, people-centered
information society, that is a mistake.

No mention of UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights also severely
undermines the value and effect.

There is too much emphasis on economic and technological potential of the
Internet, but far less views expressed to social, human and cultural
dimensions Internet will contribute.

Following points are also observed:

- Consensus is missing from international cooperation

- Internet as an permissionless innovation environment

- Accountable participation as part of cyber security activities

- Advancement of Internet technology should build on global rough consensus
of the engineering technical community (not politics)

- Internet as an economy of growth and that China should play a bigger role
to help developing countries from her experience

With these reasons, I like to make my reservation on record.

I also like to mention the statement we co-signed:

"Community Statement Presented at Wuzhen Summit"


Thank you for your attention and understanding, I still remain committed
and connected with your great effort.

Izumi Aizu
Senior Research Fellow and Professor,
Institute for InfoSocionomics, Tama University, Tokyo

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