[governance] IGF Workshop reports

Jeanette Hofmann jeanette at wzb.eu
Thu Dec 31 06:28:09 EST 2009

Hi Perry,

such things are always subject to negotiation. If you ask me, Alice 
should be able to convince the secretariat that she wasn't in a position 
to write a report. So should be your guy who dropped out. Co-organizers, 
on the other hand, should be grown up enough to share the responsibility 
to deliver a report. But there are just my personal thoughts.

Roland Perry wrote:
> In message <4B3B872A.4010908 at wzb.eu>, at 17:00:26 on Wed, 30 Dec 2009, 
> Jeanette Hofmann <jeanette at wzb.eu> quotes Marcus Kummer:
>> We all agreed to make submission of a workshop report a prerequisite 
>> for accepting a workshop proposal for the Vilnius meeting. The new 
>> deadline will give us a clearer picture of how many potential 
>> organizers we may have next year by the time we meet in February.
> There's an aspect of this which puzzles me slightly: Several workshops 
> were merged, which has left the definition of "organizer" unclear.
> Let's say that Tom, Dick and Harry all proposed workshops on similar 
> topics, and merged. From then on, Tom did all the administrative work, 
> Dick helped him, but Harry dropped out after he'd passed the contact 
> details for his proposed speakers to Tom.
> Harry had also originally said in his proposal that he was co-organising 
> his workshop with Alice, but in fact had never contacted Alice to 
> confirm this, and she knows nothing about it.
> Tom failed to file a workshop report on time, does that also disqualify 
> Dick or Harry (and Alice?) from proposing a workshop in their original 
> individual capacities for Vilnius?
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