[governance] Long view cross roads

Eric Dierker cogitoergosum at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 11 08:51:33 EST 2009

Since I spend quite a bit of time hiking active and dormant Volcanoes and out of Billion year old canyons, I have developed a kind of long view on crisis and matters of climate.
But as a student of history I like to look for significant moments where good men & women did not act. The easy are things like when a huge Dam was built, Holocausts, Genocides, famines and plagues. Wars generally are the result of a citizenry that lets their government get out of control -- but usually that is gradual.
I am prognosticating now that we are just about at a crossroads with the Internet.  Either the citizenry wake up and do something or the governments (in this case largely corporate conglomerates) will be unfettered.  ICANN is unchecked now, Intellectual Property interests are reducing our rights, and privacy violations are more oft sanctioned than not. Each progression toward these dilatory factors remains quiet and unopposed.
Either we quickly provide some structure for individual checks and balances on the elite or we are headed very soon into a situation of might is right.
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