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A clear complete discussion of advantages and 
problems.  Is there any IGF group tracking the 
electronic health record standards work?  Sylvia


Issue Brief – No. 820
November 30, 2006
Personal Health Records:
The People’s Choice?
Lisa Sprague, Senior Research Associate
OVERVIEW — Information technology (IT), especially in the form of an
electronic health record (EHR), is touted by many as a key component of
meaningful improvement in health care delivery and outcomes. A personal
health record (PHR) may be an element of an EHR or a stand-alone record.
Proponents of PHRs see them as tools that will improve consumers’ ability
to manage their care and will also enlist consumers as advocates for widespread
health IT adoption. This issue brief explores what a PHR is, the
extent of demand for it, issues that need to be resolved before such records
can be expected to proliferate, and public-private efforts to promote them.

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