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Thank you for this very interesting post on the CourseL
our waiting for a full description is well rewarded.
I write to express my strong interest in participating.

Best wishes, Linda.
For I.D. here:
The Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations.
The *Respectful Interfaces* Program.
alternate email: linda at 2007ismy50thyearincomputingandIamawoman.com

On 3/3/07, Wolfgang Kleinwächter <
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> Please feel free to distribute the call as wide as possible
> Thanks
> wolfgang
> Meissen, Germany, July 30 - August 4, 2007
> Internet Governance was one of the most controversial issues in the
> process of the UN sponsored "World Summit on the Information Society"
> (WSIS). Based on a broad definition of Internet Governance the Tunis phase
> of WSIS decided in November 2005 to establish an Internet Governance Forum
> (IGF) for further discussion of the various dimensions of Internet
> Governance and to launch a process towards enhanced cooperation among
> involved institutions and organisations like ICANN, ITU and others. The
> issue of Internet Governance is rather new not only for economic activities,
> political debate and diplomatic negotiations but it is also new both for
> scientific research and academic education. The European Summer School on
> Internet Governance (EURO-SSIG) will help to promote the understanding of
> the different dimensions of Internet Governance as it was defined in the
> Final Report of the UN Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) in July
> 2005. It will bring together students from different stakeholder groups to
> support a practice oriented interactive learning in a multistakeholder
> environment.
> The first European Summer School on Internet Governance (EURO-SSIG) will
> take place in the Evangelian Academy of the former St. Afra Monastir in
> Meissen/Germany, from Monday, July 30 - Saturday, August 4, 2007. The
> EURO-SSIG offers 40 hours of lectures and seminars on the different aspects
> of Internet Governance by leading international experts. The programme
> covers lectures on the technical, political, legal, socio-economic and
> cultural dimension of Internet Governance as well as theories on global
> governance in the information age and multistakeholderism. Faculty members
> include Prof. Jonathan Zittrain from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII),
> Dr. David Souter from the London School of Economics (LSE), Dr. Jeanette
> Hofmann from the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin and former WGIG Members Dr.
> Bill Drake and Jovan Kurbilja from the Geneva Institute for Higher
> International Studies (HEI), Avri Doria from Lulea Technology University
> (LTU) and Prof. Wolfgang Kleinwächter from the University of Aarhus who will
> chair the EURO-SSIG Faculty. Additionally to the lectures there will be
> evening round tables with leading professionals from government, private
> sector and civil society.
> EURO-SSIG is open both for students and academic staff members. There is a
> limited numbers of places for fellows from governmental agencies and the
> private sector. Fellows will get a signed certificate. The privileged
> participation fee - which includes accommodation (five nights), all meals,
> teaching material, the touristic program and the gala dinner - for students
> and academic staff members is 500.00 EUR (plus 19% VAT) per person. There
> are special tariffs for governmental and private sector representatives.
> Application forms can be found unter www.euro-ssig.eu. The dateline for
> applications is May, 15th, 2007. There is a limited number of fellowships
> for students which can be obtained on request and availability.
> The Summer School is organized by a consortium of European universities
> under the leadership of the Department of Media and Information Studies of
> the University of Aarhus in close cooperation with the "Global Internet
> Governance Academic Network" (GIGANET). It is supported by DENIC.
> Cooperation partners are UNESCO and the Diplo Foundation.
> To get more information contact the EURO-SSIG secretary Sandra Hoferichter
> under info at hoferichter.eu <mailto:info at hoferichter.e >  or go to the
> EURO-SSIG website http://www.euro-ssig.eu <https://server1.medienkomm.uni-halle.de/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.euro-ssig.eu
> >   which provides also special information with regard to accommodation
> and transportation.
> Please feel free to distribute this call as wide as possible to whom it
> concerned.
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