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Meissen, Germany, July 30 - August 4, 2007

Internet Governance was one of the most controversial issues in the process of the UN sponsored "World Summit on the Information Society" (WSIS). Based on a broad definition of Internet Governance the Tunis phase of WSIS decided in November 2005 to establish an Internet Governance Forum (IGF) for further discussion of the various dimensions of Internet Governance and to launch a process towards enhanced cooperation among involved institutions and organisations like ICANN, ITU and others. The issue of Internet Governance is rather new not only for economic activities, political debate and diplomatic negotiations but it is also new both for scientific research and academic education. The European Summer School on Internet Governance (EURO-SSIG) will help to promote the understanding of the different dimensions of Internet Governance as it was defined in the Final Report of the UN Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) in July 2005. It will bring together students from different stakeholder groups to support a practice oriented interactive learning in a multistakeholder environment.

The first European Summer School on Internet Governance (EURO-SSIG) will take place in the Evangelian Academy of the former St. Afra Monastir in Meissen/Germany, from Monday, July 30 - Saturday, August 4, 2007. The EURO-SSIG offers 40 hours of lectures and seminars on the different aspects of Internet Governance by leading international experts. The programme covers lectures on the technical, political, legal, socio-economic and cultural dimension of Internet Governance as well as theories on global governance in the information age and multistakeholderism. Faculty members include Prof. Jonathan Zittrain from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), Dr. David Souter from the London School of Economics (LSE), Dr. Jeanette Hofmann from the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin and former WGIG Members Dr. Bill Drake and Jovan Kurbilja from the Geneva Institute for Higher International Studies (HEI), Avri Doria from Lulea Technology University (LTU) and Prof. Wolfgang Kleinwächter from the University of Aarhus who will chair the EURO-SSIG Faculty. Additionally to the lectures there will be evening round tables with leading professionals from government, private sector and civil society.

EURO-SSIG is open both for students and academic staff members. There is a limited numbers of places for fellows from governmental agencies and the private sector. Fellows will get a signed certificate. The privileged participation fee - which includes accommodation (five nights), all meals, teaching material, the touristic program and the gala dinner - for students and academic staff members is 500.00 EUR (plus 19% VAT) per person. There are special tariffs for governmental and private sector representatives.

Application forms can be found unter www.euro-ssig.eu. The dateline for applications is May, 15th, 2007. There is a limited number of fellowships for students which can be obtained on request and availability.

The Summer School is organized by a consortium of European universities under the leadership of the Department of Media and Information Studies of the University of Aarhus in close cooperation with the "Global Internet Governance Academic Network" (GIGANET). It is supported by DENIC. Cooperation partners are UNESCO and the Diplo Foundation. 


To get more information contact the EURO-SSIG secretary Sandra Hoferichter under info at hoferichter.eu <mailto:info at hoferichter.e>  or go to the EURO-SSIG website http://www.euro-ssig.eu <https://server1.medienkomm.uni-halle.de/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.euro-ssig.eu>   which provides also special information with regard to accommodation and transportation.

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