[governance] Proposed Criteria for CS IGC Appeals Team

Izumi AIZU aizu at anr.org
Mon Jan 8 03:33:56 EST 2007

Dear list,

A Happy New Year to all!

As announced in the time line attached at the end of this e-mail,
Nomcom for Appeals Team would like to propose the following
as the criteria for selecting the Appeals Team members.

We tried to be as simple as possible, but also like to convey our ideas clearly.
If you have any comment, suggestions or questions, please put them on
this list. The criteria below is close to final, but if we think
additional suggestions make more sense, we will incorporate them.

In the mean time, we will send out the Call for Nomination tomorrow,
so that people can start to volunteer. Upon closing the nomination on
Jan 21, which is our mutual challenge, Nomcom will begin the selection
process. So, we should fix the criteria before starting the selection
work. Please get ready to nominate as many good candidates as



Proposed Criteria for CS IGC Appeals Team

A) Qualified IGC member
Appeals team should be Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus (CS
IGC) members.

Anyone who have subscribed to the IGC Charter and subscribed to the
IGC caucus mailing list for 2 months prior to the announcement of the
appeals team Nomcom process is eligible to be a candidate. (The Nomcom
process started on November 20th 2006.)

B) Qualifications
Nomcom will primarily select persons based on their knowledge and
experience of issues faced by the caucus and their neutrality.

The successful candidate should be a person with thoughtful and
unbiased consideration and have a stated (and demonstrated) commitment
to consultation and dialogue with the community.

C) Diversity and balance
Appeal Team collectively should have good diversity and balance. The
attributes to be considered include, but not limited to:
  - Geographic and cultural diversity
  - Gender
  - Age
  - Skill set and knowledge
  - Disability

These will be treated as a goal, but not as the absolute requirement.

D) Others
To avoid capture, no more than one employee/representative of a
particular organization should serve on the Appeal Team at any given

-- end --

For your reference, the time line announced is as follows:

1. Discuss and agree with the criteria and selection method for Appeal Team
  - by Jan 8

2. Send out "Call for Appeal Team"  - Jan 9

3. Receive and review applications/nominations  - Jan 21

4. Make final selection - Jan 29

5. Prepare report (Chair) - Jan 30

6. Announce the result - Jan 31

7. Publish the Report and dissolve  - Jan 31

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