[governance] ICANN's strategy for the future

Vittorio Bertola vb at bertola.eu.org
Sat Jul 22 04:39:14 EDT 2006

Avri Doria ha scritto:
> The significant thing for which there still is time is written  
> comments.  I am not suggesting that the IGC should come up with a  
> statement, but I figured that individuals, or groups of individuals  may 
> want to contribute.  The deadline for these comments is
> Comments that have already been received can be found at: http:// 
> forum.icann.org/lists/psc/ .  Some IGC participants have already  
> commented, so at least some of us were paying attention.

Actually, I am one of the ones who did, but it never came to my mind 
that the IGC "as itself" could want to participate in ICANN 
consultations; it never did in the past (I presume it is also because 
most of us are already directly involved in ICANN through other groups 
and constituencies). But of course, now that I think at it, there is no 
particular reason why it shouldn't start to do so.
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