[governance] [ga] Re: Establishment of the European Regional At-Large Organizaton

Danny Younger dannyyounger at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 21 18:31:45 EST 2006


One of the four principles put forth in the White
Paper was "representation".  

This guiding document also stated:  "The new
corporation's charter should provide a mechanism
whereby its governing body will evolve to reflect
changes in the constituency of Internet stakeholders.
The new corporation could, for example, establish an
open process for the presentation of petitions to
expand board representation."

Instead of expanding board representation, you and
your fellow Board members have reduced board
representation by eliminating an entire category of
stakeholders from the Board -- the at-large community.
 My interest is in repairing the damage that you and
your associates on the Board have caused, and
restoring representation to the Internet's end-user

As this list is devoted to governance issues, perhaps
you might share with us your own views on board-level
representation for the At-Large.  


--- Veni Markovski <veni at veni.com> wrote:

> Vittorio,
> please, do not get upset by such postings. They aim
> at that, and nothing else.
> You're trying to do something good - please, keep on
> trying, and 
> don't give up!
> Now, after we have heard what are your "interests"
> according to 
> Danny, perhaps we can hear what are also Danny's
> interestes, so that 
> the game is fair.
> Veni
> At 10:30 21-01-06  -0800, Danny Younger wrote:
> >Vittorio,
> >
> >Frankly, your interest is in continuing to promote
> a
> >construct that replaces a host of At-Large
> directors
> >with a single non-elected liaison to the ICANN
> Board.
> >Your agenda, and those of many of your associates
> on
> >the ALAC, calls for taking advantage of
> >ICANN-sponsored travel perks while refusing to have
> >your Committee discuss critical at-large matters
> (such
> >as representation) with the balance of the at-large

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