[governance] [ga] Re: Establishment of the European RegionalAt-Large Organizaton

Vansnick Rudi rudi.vansnick at isoc.be
Sat Jan 21 12:50:31 EST 2006

Why do I read so many negative reactions ? 
It is not the first time we (ISOC Belgium) are critized for our efforts. In some
cases we even experience destructive reactions. We support people (and
organisations) keeping in mind the basics of the ISOC community ("Internet for
everyone"), which can only be done through lots of volunteering efforts.

Proposing solutions after the basic work is done is quite easy. Taking the lead,
as Vittorio has done, and moving forward in difficult situations, with no
funding, is an action we should all applaud in stead of debating on how it could
be done better.

If someone wants to host the forum, just do it, we are not against. Except that
nobody has responded to the unforced request from Vittorio to start the Euralo
before this has been brought up in this list.

Best regards,

Rudi Vansnick
ISOC Belgium 

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|European RegionalAt-Large Organizaton
|We have a proactive obligation to prevent capture. 
|You may wish to recall the words of the White Paper:
|"Governance. The organizing documents (Charter,
|Bylaws, etc.) should provide that the new corporation
|is governed on the basis of a sound and transparent
|decision-making process, which protects against
|capture by a self-interested faction, and which
|provides for robust, professional management of the
|new corporation."
|You have chosen to acquiesce to capture because it
|serves your interests -- sorry, but I find this to be
|As an ISOC chapter member, I support initiatives that
|promote our common stake in maintaining the viability
|and global scaling of the Internet, but I do not
|support fraud.  ISOC chapters have a place within
|ICANN as constituent members of the non-commercial
|constituency (NCUC) -- they are not, and have never
|claimed to be, voices that speak for the broader
|at-large community.
|When ICANN staff negotiated a 7% annual increase in
|.com fees did we hear an expression of rage from the
|ISOC chapters?  No.  We heard nothing.  Not a peep.  
|They are not the At-Large -- They don't represent the
|At-Large nor are they motivated by the same set of
|concerns that impact the real At-Large community --
|they are a different body with a different set of
|interests and concerns.  In fact, in the last three
|and a half years not one single ISOC chapter
|functioning as one your At-Large "structures" has ever
|sent even one single comment to the ICANN Board on any
|at-large topic whatsoever.
|Vittorio, this fraud must end.
|--- Vittorio Bertola <vb at bertola.eu.org> wrote:
|> Danny Younger ha scritto:
|> > Vittorio,
|> > 
|> > This European Regional At-Large Organization that
|> you
|> > are building needs a better name... perhaps you
|> can
|> > call it EU ISOC & Friends as it is completely
|> captured
|> > by ISOC (with seven out of its eight structures
|> being
|> > ISOC chapters).
|> The funny thing is that, more or less at the same
|> time, I've received a 
|> message from an officer of an ISOC chapter, saying
|> "why is ICANN doing 
|> this - we don't need the At Large, it should be the
|> European council of 
|> ISOC chapters to do this".
|> The truth is that we are trying to create an open
|> mechanism where 
|> everyone - ISOC chapters, other organizations, and
|> individuals - can 
|> participate. If only certain kinds of organizations
|> use it, then of 
|> course they will dominate the mechanism; but, once
|> the gates are open, 
|> the fault of this only lies with those who don't
|> bother to participate.
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