[governance] [ga] Re: Establishment of the European Regional At-Large Organizaton

Veni Markovski veni at veni.com
Sat Jan 21 12:25:16 EST 2006

Vitorio - why do you bother to respond?

Are you subscribed for the ga at gnso.icann.org? If not, your mail will 
not reach that mailing list. Danny has this habit of sending mail to 
lists to which only he's subscribed, so that when others respond, 
their responses don't show there.

Danny keeps on working with some criticism, which would have been 
really proper, if he has suggested some alternative. Robert made a 
better proposal.


At 15:54 21-01-06  +0100, Vittorio Bertola wrote:
>Danny Younger ha scritto:
> > Vittorio,
> >
> > This European Regional At-Large Organization that you
> > are building needs a better name... perhaps you can
> > call it EU ISOC & Friends as it is completely captured
> > by ISOC (with seven out of its eight structures being
> > ISOC chapters).
>The funny thing is that, more or less at the same time, I've received a
>message from an officer of an ISOC chapter, saying "why is ICANN doing
>this - we don't need the At Large, it should be the European council of
>ISOC chapters to do this".
>The truth is that we are trying to create an open mechanism where
>everyone - ISOC chapters, other organizations, and individuals - can
>participate. If only certain kinds of organizations use it, then of
>course they will dominate the mechanism; but, once the gates are open,
>the fault of this only lies with those who don't bother to participate.
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