[governance] Establishment of the European Regional At-Large Organizaton

Vittorio Bertola vb at bertola.eu.org
Sat Jan 21 12:40:26 EST 2006

Robert Guerra ha scritto:
> A few questions & comments :
> -  Knowing the issues with ISOC, I am curious as to why on earth an  
> ISOC space was chosen to host the discussions about the new  structure. 
> Could another space not have been chosen?

Well, they are one of the already accredited At Large Structures, they 
had a phpBB installation already up and running and they offered me to 
host the consultation while we were chatting of other issues on IM. I do 
not see any reason why to turn down the offer... then, you see, for 
example the download of the "principles document" is hosted on my 
personal site.

> - Being an EU (spanish) citizen, I'd like to ask the question of  
> "language" and how that issue will be handled ? The French and  Spanish 
> internet users will no doubt make a very strong point that  linguistic 
> diversity is one that should be accommodated.

The organizations we currently have are from Belgium, The Netherlands, 
Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain and Finland. I think there's 
already a reasonable set of diversity. The working practices of the new 
group are totally to be defined, so it will mostly depend on those who 

> (1) Asociacion de Internautas

They are already accredited as At Large Structure, but they applied for 
Latin America rather than for Europe. But you are right, we'll try to 
involve them in the European consultation as well.

> A suggestion - Yolanda is organizing a conference on ICTs and Social  
> action this coming May in Seville. The conference is still being  
> planned, and as such an idea might be to organize something at the  
> event (a panel, or perhaps even an information booth). This would  allow 
> people to know more about ICANN, specifically how they could  engage in 
> the European at large structures.

This would be good, but please realize that it's just three people doing 
this in their spare time, so we cannot be everywhere. We have been 
asking ICANN to hire a part-time person in Brussels that can do some 
outreach, as well as clerical work, but we've never got ICANN to 
actually do it.

 > (2) Fundacion Cibervoluntarios
> (3) CPSR Spain

We would be glad to accredit them if they want to participate.

> In terms of others:
> European - EDRI <http://www.edri.org> is the first organization that  
> comes to mind. Personally, I am of the opinion that much would be  
> gained by consulting the many member organizations that make up EDRI.  
> The issue of digital rights should not, must not be ignored...

We already contacted EDRI at least a couple of times in the last three 
years, but apparently their members (except FITUG) are not interested in 
participating. (As per ICANN Bylaws, it must be the actual membership 
organizations that get accredited, not organizations of organizations.)

> I hope you find my comments and suggestions useful.

Sure, thanks.
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