[governance] Establishment of the European Regional At-Large Organizaton

Veni Markovski veni at veni.com
Sat Jan 21 12:13:34 EST 2006

At 11:09 21-01-06  -0500, Robert Guerra wrote:
>-  Knowing the issues with ISOC, I am curious as to why on earth an
>ISOC space was chosen to host the discussions about the new
>structure. Could another space not have been chosen?

what's wrong with ISOC.be (belgium)? They have the skills, the time, 
and I asume they've proposed to help. Did someone say anything about 
the CPSR taking care of this list?

>- Being an EU (spanish) citizen, I'd like to ask the question of
>"language" and how that issue will be handled ? The French and
>Spanish internet users will no doubt make a very strong point that
>linguistic diversity is one that should be accommodated.

So, to speak, the Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian and Russian.


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