[governance] Establishment of the European Regional At-Large Organizaton

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A quick reply...

1. I know about NCUC. CPSR is a member, and i'm on the board of  
directors of CPSR...

2.  A quick review of the organizations you list reveals some  
interesting statistics:

- Of the 41 organizations listed, a majority seem to be in the US.
- There are a few European organizations
- There are NO organizations from Canada (neither are there any  
Canadian organizations in ALAC may I add)

3. Why aren't the ALAC or NCUC lists more active. If in fact they are  
representing "internet users" in some way, then i'd expect a far more  
engaged and lively discussion.

4. I've had the opportunity to meet and work with Vittorio in the  
WSIS process. He's been open and transparent, and I do want to give  
his open open call for engagement  a chance. Let's see how it  
develops. Will it be ISOC only, or much broader in scope ?

5. What's my opinion on this - well,  first want to see how the  
thread develops on this thread in the coming days...



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On 21-Jan-06, at 11:23 AM, Danny Younger wrote:

> Robert,
> There already exists a home for non-commercial
> organizations within ICANN -- the Non-Commercial Users
> Constituency (NCUC).  The organizations that you have
> cited are encouraged to join this appropriate body
> (which is not captured by any one group).  I have
> posted their current roster of member organizations
> below:
> Alfa-Redi (NGO)
> Africa Civil Society for the Information Society
> American Civil Liberties Union
> American Library Association
> Association for Progressive Communications
> Audience Act for Good TV programs
> Boulder Community Network
> bridges.org
> Center for Democracy and Technology
> Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
> Electronic Privacy  Information Center (EPIC)
> Estonian Educational and Research Network (EENet)
> Free Press
> French Parents
> Fundacion Escuela Latinoamericana de Redes
> GIP Renater
> Information Network for the Third Sector- RITS
> Internet Association of Korea (IAK)
> Information and Communications University
> Internet Society of Mauritius
> Internews International
> IP Justice
> IPLeft (Intellectual Property Left)
> Jamaica Sustainable Development Network Ltd.
> Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
> Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet
> Labor News Production
> Media Access Project
> Open Forum of Cambodia
> PeaceNet Korea
> Philippine Network Foundation, Inc. (PHNET)
> Phillipine Sustainable Development Network
> SDNP Bangladesh
> Stichting A.G. van Hamel voor Keltische Studies
> The Convergence Center
> The Thing (Inc.)
> Comitê para Democratização da Informática de
> Pernambuco
> Virtueller Ortsverein der SPD (VOV)
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