[governance] [WSIS CS-Plenary] Re: Consultations on the convening of the IGF

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Wed Jan 11 12:25:13 EST 2006


On 11 jan 2006, at 11.21, Wolfgang Kleinw├Ąchter wrote:

> while I was aware on the MMWG, I have no idea whether it works  
> already, who are the co.-chairs and whoe has been the ten members.  
> I am certainlky interested to join and contribute.

Once there were 10 people subscribed, the group was automatically  
started.  this happend on 14 December.  There are currently 20 members.

The group has an initial wiki set up: http://mmwg.wikicities.com/wiki/ 
Main_Page  and 12 of the 20 members have chosen to list themselves  
publicly, though there was _not_ a group decision that all must list  
themselves, i.e listing oneself as a member is voluntary.

i am still acting as the coordinator of the WG, but am hoping that  
the WG will select chairs ASAP (i have disqualified myself from that  

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