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> Attached what I think is the final version of our initial statement 

Only in Microsoft RTF format, while the text says:

> Issues of open content, cultural diversity and inclusion, and free
> and open source software, are referenced briefly in the background
> paper, but not prioritised in the WGIG report. We consider these
> issues are priority public policy issues and will make more
> substantial comments during the roundtable discussions.

CS humor? Note that the point was addresses by Paul Vixie for the WGIG


Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS).
    The authors and publishers of these reports could strengthen their recommendations in the area of FLOSS by following them! Why were several of today's documents released as MSWord files rather than OpenDocumentText (ODT) files? The F/L/OSS movement has been studying the freedom in cyberspace problem space for longer than the Internet has had a government (such as it is), and there's a natural alliance, if not outright overlap, to be found between people who want democratic government of cyberspace, and people who write software so they can give it away. So, don't just praise the recipe for this kool-aid -- drink it!

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