[bestbits] [governance] IMPORTANT : Merging IGC with Best Bits

Jeremy Malcolm jeremy at malcolm.id.au
Wed Jan 9 11:36:06 EST 2019

On 1/8/19 10:16 PM, ian.peter at ianpeter.com wrote:

> Actually while this seemed to me the obvious way forward at first - BB
> emerged out of IGC, so why not get back together again - on reflection
> there are a few issues.
> Firstly I note that the IGC website is down so I cant check things -
> but from memory IGC had a constitution which we adopted early on which
> proved very difficult to change, and which may not be altogether
> suitable for what is needed now. I think this should be looked at
> before everyone is locked into something that is unsuitable. Can
> someone get the website up and running?

I can't volunteer for that because whenever I volunteer to run a website
for a limited time I end up doing so in perpetuity, and I feel bad about
stopping. However, I can donate a paid virtual server for SOMEONE ELSE
to administer on their own. This is the one that Best Bits is using now.
It's paid up for about 5 years.

Also, as one of the original co-founders of Best Bits I do support the
merger, and your (Ian's) suggestion still seems to be the best one on
the table. There are previous Steering Committee members of Best Bits
who aren't as happy about it, but I don't think that a good alternative
has been put forward yet.

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