[bestbits] [governance] IMPORTANT : Merging IGC with Best Bits

Sheetal Kumar sheetal at gp-digital.org
Thu Jan 10 05:01:02 EST 2019

Dear all,

I would agree with those further who have noted that we should have a
discussion informed by certain information about the history of both
groups: why were they constituted, what are their respective
mandates/constitutions/charters etc? As a very first step, this information
should be clear and accessible. We should be able to compare the
mandates/guiding principles/charters. I can't access the IGC Charter via
the link I'm afraid, or at least I can't find it when I visit archive.org.
Would there be another way to share it? @Ian Peter - you also mentioned an
IGC constitution, was this different from the charter? There is a lot more
publicly available information about Bestbits available (see
https://bestbits.net/wiki/main/procedures/) than there is about IGC (indeed
almost none, unless it is in the archive where I unfortunately haven't been
able to find the information myself).

For those who were part of the first Steering Committee of Bestbits - could
you share more information about how it was constituted and why?


On Wed, 9 Jan 2019 at 16:36, Jeremy Malcolm <jeremy at malcolm.id.au> wrote:

> On 1/8/19 10:16 PM, ian.peter at ianpeter.com wrote:
> Actually while this seemed to me the obvious way forward at first - BB
> emerged out of IGC, so why not get back together again - on reflection
> there are a few issues.
> Firstly I note that the IGC website is down so I cant check things - but
> from memory IGC had a constitution which we adopted early on which proved
> very difficult to change, and which may not be altogether suitable for what
> is needed now. I think this should be looked at before everyone is locked
> into something that is unsuitable. Can someone get the website up and
> running?
> I can't volunteer for that because whenever I volunteer to run a website
> for a limited time I end up doing so in perpetuity, and I feel bad about
> stopping. However, I can donate a paid virtual server for SOMEONE ELSE to
> administer on their own. This is the one that Best Bits is using now. It's
> paid up for about 5 years.
> Also, as one of the original co-founders of Best Bits I do support the
> merger, and your (Ian's) suggestion still seems to be the best one on the
> table. There are previous Steering Committee members of Best Bits who
> aren't as happy about it, but I don't think that a good alternative has
> been put forward yet.
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