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In the US anyhow "neoliberalism" has become associated with
conservative politics...I know, confusing.

But many of the people who surrounded George W Bush such as Paul
Wolfowitz ("the Iraq war will pay for itself!", US deputy secty of
defense, GWB), Elliot Abrams (Special Asst to GWB), Richerd Perle
(asst secty of defense, GWB), etc were considered neoliberals.

They seemed to believe (i.e., rationalized actions by the GWB admin)
that via regime change and nation building they could extend free
markets and laissez faire capitalism to those countries, the latter is
the neoliberal part.

Which due to the cognitive dissonance of the term became variously
called neoconservatism, paleoliberalism, etc.

It's not "liberalism" in the usual modern sense.

It's not exactly the opposite either except perhaps in practice.

It's more like a right-wing take on 19th century liberalism -- free
markets and laissez-faire capitalism are good even if we have to send
in the Marines to shove it down their collective throats.

        -Barry Shein

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