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Hi Parminder,

not the time for a detailed discussion on this, but I do regard Cgi.br 
as the best example we have seen of a national body addressing internet 
issues, and a good model. That's the sort of co-operation which internet 
governance needs within each jurisdiction, not models based on market 
ideologies or trust in a pure nation states system. We may never agree 
on the optimal path forward, but I do not see answers in this space 
until all stakeholders co-operate.


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>On 29/10/18 3:47 AM, ian.peter at ianpeter.com wrote:
>>Very sad that this has happened, Carlos. Lurches to the right seem 
>>commonplace these days.
>>Brazil was a great leader as regards multistakeholder internet 
>>governance initiatives, and I do hope that all is not lost with this 
>>change. Certainly what has been achieved in the past sets a great 
>>example and part of history which I hope is not forgotten.
>I dont want to make capital out of unfortunate times, but truth is as 
>important to speak out at such times, if we are not just to make pro 
>forma regrets but to look ahead with vision and purpose, and thus any 
>real hope....
>Dear Ian, do you really think that a multistakeholder model which 
>culminated in trying to install a World Economic Forum based global 
>Internet Governance regime instead of a UN based one was itself not a 
>lurch to right? That is also history that must not be forgotten, and 
>released from its responsibilities.
>The current Trumpian phenomenon is precisely the product of a 
>trans-national elite seeking their common economic advantages often 
>using the cover of social liberalism without economic egalitarianism -- 
>where market without political governance was to be the defender of 
>rights! This is a direct result of promotion of an one-sided talk of 
>human rights -- only civil and political ones and not social and 
>economic ones, which have openly been flouted even ridiculed on , yes, 
>IG civil society lists.... Dot ask me for real examples, bec I have 
>followed this and I know many.... Ok, take two, the very concept and 
>not just the real implementation of 'public interest' has been 
>ridiculed on the NCUC (of ICANN's)website, to which many CS stalwarts 
>of IG belong. A key leader of CS community has said 'social justice' is 
>a meaningless concept, another that the term 'democracy carries 
>baggage', and when appeals (like at UNESCO's key Paris meeting on IG) 
>were circulated to simply ensure that social and economic rights get 
>mentioned along with civil and public rights in the conf document there 
>wasnt much sympathy on these lists.. And yes, also when all progressive 
>civil society is fighting for a binding treaty on human rights abuses 
>by corporations, key leaders write here why any such thing is a bad 
>idea .... .I can go on  and on ...
>And so lets not assume innocence about this creeping death of 
>progressive and democratic ideals that the global trans-national elite 
>has brought on us in blind pursuit of their global economic interests 
>(Zizek's 'Clinton not Trump is the problem' precisely captures it).
>This is the dispossessed reacting against the global neoliberal 
>excesses in the only ways they could think of, or were made available 
>to them, however deleterious the results are finally going to be for 
>them. But lets not look away from what or who is responsible here.....
>When we seethe  market, the embodiment of un-restrained self-interest, 
>as the institution that will govern us in all areas (which is the 
>definition of neoliberalism) including of rights, welfare, etc, then 
>one can very well expect a Trump and a Bolsanaro to come along and say, 
>well self-interest, fine, this is what it politically is, everyone 
>fending for oneself and one's narrow interests, and avowedly and 
>unabashedly so ...  Trump and Bolsorno are the other side of the same 
>trans-national neo-liberalism of which Internet governance space has 
>been a key, often pioneering arena. It is a local, political response 
>of the justifiably angry and dispossessed, even if a suicidal one... T 
>and B are simply neoliberalism's narrow profession of unbridled 
>self-interest without the spin and false sophisticated sheen that is 
>just there to reflect away deserved criticism -- it is the proverbial 
>chickens coming home to roost.
>With hope and solidarity
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>>>Dear colleagues, this article may give you an idea of what might 
>>>in Brazil with the presidential elections tomorrow.
>>>Sorry for this, but the situation may be terrifying for anyone who
>>>opposes the ultra-right-wing candidate. The article by Pablo Villaça 
>>>English) is an accurate review:
>>>The article is also attached in PDF.
>>>Bolsonaro threatens to liquidate all NGOs and social movements -- who
>>>can choose between prison and exile. Fundamental achievements like 
>>>multistakeholder Internet governance system, our Internet Bill of
>>>Rights, and many other human rights-related laws are at risk.
>>>fraternal regards
>>>Carlos A. Afonso
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