[bestbits] MMfD releases new research on self censorship to mark WPFD2018

Sadaf Khan sadaf.baig03 at gmail.com
Thu May 3 08:03:49 EDT 2018

Dear All,

To mark World Press Freedom Day 2018, Media Matters for Democracy, Pakistan
has launched a new research study mapping perceptions about self censorship
among Pakistani journalists. The study *Surrendering to Silence, *reveals
alarming statistics about the practice of self censorship in Pakistan's
media, with *88%* of the respondents stating that they had engaged in self
censorship in professional and *79% *saying that they had additionally
engaged in self censorship in their personal expression as well.

Nine in every 10 respondents also said they had seen their news colleagues
commit self-censorship. Around *72%* respondents thought *self-censorship
had increased over time* in the Pakistani media. Nearly 86% respondents
could not think of reporting without self-censorship because of the
prevailing conditions in the country.  Most alarmingly, almost *two in
three* respondents said they *had been threatened or attacked for their
expression *and seven in every 10 respondents said self-censorship made
them feel safer.

*Eight in 10 respondents blamed the policies of their own news
organizations as the reason for self-censorship.* This could indicate an
organizational culture of self-censorship creeping into the Pakistani
press. Respondents admitted they were most likely to self-censor
information and opinions about the military and religion in their
professional work and personal conversations.

The complete research report is available at Digital Rights Monitor
<https://bit.ly/2w8f3AT>, Pakistan's only digital rights focused news
website, operated by Media Matters for Democracy with support of
Association for Progressive Communications, APC.

With Regards,

*Sadaf Khan*
Director Programs
Media Matters for Democracy
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