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Dear all,

In case of interest and particularly for those working on data protection
and privacy at the global level, please find below some updates about civil
society engagement at the upcoming ICDPPC, which will be jointly hosted by
the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) and the Bulgarian DPA. The
main conference will be held in Brussels in October and will focus on
digital ethics. More information can be found here:

Before the last ICDPPC, I shared information regarding a joint civil
society letter which was presented to the Conference organisers, calling
for a more open, inclusive and transparent process for civil society
engagement in the Conference. Thanks to those who supported the letter - it
can be found on the Access Now website
and also here on bestbits: https://bestbits.net/icdppc/

The letter resulted in a response from the hosts of the next Conference and
which can be found here: https://www.europa-nu.nl/id/

The hosts have also set up a multistakeholder advisory committee to inform
the organisation of the next Conference, with two civil society 'slots'. I
shared details of the call on Bestbits and can inform you that Fanny
Hidvegi (Access Now) and Valeria Milanes (ADC) were selected to sit on the

Civil society groups that have engaged in previous conferences have set up
a mailing list. The main aim of the mailing list is to coordinate ahead of
the conference as well as support the two CSOs who are part of the
Organising Committee as they take on their roles rather than for it to be a
general mailing list. If you are interested, please feel free to subscribe
for this mailing list at the following link https://mailman.edri.org/

Finally, you may be interested to participate in a public consultation
which the ICDPPC has launched via this call on its future (deadline 31


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