[bestbits] The Youth Observatory sends a letter in support of ICANNWiki work

Renata Aquino Ribeiro raquino at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 10:19:56 EST 2018

Hi Veronica

Thanks for bringing us the Youth SIG letter.

I find it interesting that this brings up also an important question which
is the management of community resources.

Even though ICANNWiki only sponsored by ICANN, not in its bylaws or
anything like that, it amassed a great number of collaborations from
community members knowledge, over the years. An organization which is
mainly driven by volunteers.

It seems to me the organization has a role as "guardian" of that knowledge
too, which it has been doing acting as a supporter.

So this brings up a question not only related to ICANN but the preservation
of institutional memory and volunteer work.

I do hope the SIG Youth letter is heard and this situation has the best
solution possible.



On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 12:39 AM, Verónica Arroyo <
luisaveronicaarroyo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear people,
> We, the members of the Youth Observatory SIG of ISOC, are activately
> working for participating on the internet building process. As part of the
> young people engaged on the internet debates we kindly ask you to consider
> the following arguments supporting the work of ICANNWiki.
> Our members have been actively engaged in editing the platform despite
> having any direct involvement with ICANN.
> ICANNWiki gives us remote access to a process of consolidating and
> building confidence to keep track of the developments in the field of
> Internet governance and DNS policy.
> For us, the Wiki plays an important and innovative role in many aspects of
> Youth Engagement and Capacity Building on Internet. We believe that cutting
> ICANNWiki's funding will have a significant negative impact on ICANN and on
> the Internet Governance community.
> Please, see the full open letter here (​http://www.obdjuv.org/activi
> ty/news/a-letter-in-support-of-icannwiki​)
> P.S. The letter is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, please
> click on the flag to select the language.
> Best,
> *Verónica Arroyo*
> *Vice President*
> *Youth Observatory*
> @veroluiza
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