[bestbits] The Youth Observatory sends a letter in support of ICANNWiki work

Verónica Arroyo luisaveronicaarroyo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 13:36:36 EST 2018

Hi Renata,

Yes, I agree with you. ICANN Wiki is doing a lot for our community and for
the new generations.

Please everyone feel free to share it, so our voice can be heard.

Thank you,

*Verónica Arroyo*
*Vice President*
*Youth Observatory*

2018-01-23 10:19 GMT-05:00 Renata Aquino Ribeiro <raquino at gmail.com>:

> Hi Veronica
> Thanks for bringing us the Youth SIG letter.
> I find it interesting that this brings up also an important question which
> is the management of community resources.
> Even though ICANNWiki only sponsored by ICANN, not in its bylaws or
> anything like that, it amassed a great number of collaborations from
> community members knowledge, over the years. An organization which is
> mainly driven by volunteers.
> It seems to me the organization has a role as "guardian" of that knowledge
> too, which it has been doing acting as a supporter.
> So this brings up a question not only related to ICANN but the
> preservation of institutional memory and volunteer work.
> I do hope the SIG Youth letter is heard and this situation has the best
> solution possible.
> Best,
> Renata
> On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 12:39 AM, Verónica Arroyo <
> luisaveronicaarroyo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear people,
>> We, the members of the Youth Observatory SIG of ISOC, are activately
>> working for participating on the internet building process. As part of the
>> young people engaged on the internet debates we kindly ask you to consider
>> the following arguments supporting the work of ICANNWiki.
>> Our members have been actively engaged in editing the platform despite
>> having any direct involvement with ICANN.
>> ICANNWiki gives us remote access to a process of consolidating and
>> building confidence to keep track of the developments in the field of
>> Internet governance and DNS policy.
>> For us, the Wiki plays an important and innovative role in many aspects
>> of Youth Engagement and Capacity Building on Internet. We believe that
>> cutting ICANNWiki's funding will have a significant negative impact on
>> ICANN and on the Internet Governance community.
>> Please, see the full open letter here (​http://www.obdjuv.org/activi
>> ty/news/a-letter-in-support-of-icannwiki​)
>> P.S. The letter is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, please
>> click on the flag to select the language.
>> Best,
>> *Verónica Arroyo*
>> *Vice President*
>> *Youth Observatory*
>> @veroluiza
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