[bestbits] [governance] UN Working Group considering mechanisms for global governance of Internet fails

Dave Burstein daveb at dslprime.com
Fri Feb 9 14:13:41 EST 2018

On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 11:16 AM, Mueller, Milton L <milton at gatech.edu>

> Dave:
> If you think Parminder fears government involvement you are deeply
> confused and deeply out of touch with the real politics of Internet
> governance.
> ​Milton - I'd go offlist since I write so much but you sent this to the

I was writing carelessly when I said anything about Parminder's point of
view, which I actually don't know in any depth. I was being polite and
responding to his email.

The thing of substance I was saying​ had two parts. "I'm sure folks like
Vint Cerf support "multistakeholder" and "consensus" for honorable fear of
governments." is meant exactly as it reads, and corresponds to what I said
in an ISOC discussion of similar (where I also included Kathy Brown.) Vint
had objected to my saying ISOC & ICANN excluding ~ half the Internet was an
issue that needed to be fixed. But I don't believe Vint, etc. are taking
that position to defend massive international surveillance.

I do not attribute to Vint & others what I do believe is true of the U.S.
government position for "multistakeholder" etc. I

Larry Strickling at WCIT said to me, as I included in the note, "Dave, do
you want Russia and China running the Internet." I do, actually, alongside
other nations. China is now 1/3rd of the Internet. A system that excludes
them is unstable.  (See the board of ICANN or ISOC.)
As I predicted, what's happening is the excluded are building their
alternate institutions: BRICs agreements, World Internet Conference, Belt &
Road extending to Europe and Africa, Russia's alternate root.

Which was in context here, because the debate over "enhance cooperation" is
a reflection of the disagreement about government roles.
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