[bestbits] BREAKING: Data Retention bill in Paraguay rejected

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Thanks for this Katitza.. I should say that my interest is more or less
"academic" but I am curious whether or not (and how) these processes of
(attempted) global mobilization in these areas are being effective.  It is
possible that they may represent some type of proto-global democratic
mobilization which can give us hints on how broader such movements might
operate and be (or not be) effective in the future.




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There were many pieces of the campaign, being the letter, just one of them.


The goal of the letter was to provide support to the local group on their
credibility. They were demanding what it was in the letter but they were
attack by local prosecutors and others. The international support helps them
to let the govt know that this is not only a local issue but a global
problem, and they are not alone.


We also do it for creating additional press news (we got nice shout out in
the press).


Finally as I said, there were many other pieces of the campaign such as the
mobilization on twitter (which the politicians refers to that during the
Senate debate) etc..and the lobbying and the media appearances and etc..




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Javier or anyone,


Does anyone have an idea of the degree to which the international
publicizing and response to this proposed legislation played a role in its






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Dear all, 


the paraguayan senate has just rejected the data retention bill known as
#Pyrawebs thus killing it for good. 


Thanks to all involved in the process, all letter signatories and special
congratulations to TEDIC (Paraguay) and EFF (International) for their
enormous support. 


Best regards,


Javier Pallero


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