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If you know of any process that you think works or don't work, here is a
chance to write it up and submit it.


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Subject: 	[Bp_multistakeholder] Open call for Best Practice Forum (BPF)
- Multistakeholder Practice Contributions
Date: 	Fri, 5 Jun 2015 11:33:35 +0200
From: 	IGF <IGF at unog.ch>
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The report
by the UN CSTD working group on improvements to the Internet Governance
Forum (IGF) called for the development of more tangible outputs to
“enhance the impact of the IGF on global Internet governance and
policy”.  In order to enrich the potential for IGF outputs, the IGF is
working on a set of intersessional activities including best practice
forums (BPFs). The outputs from these activities are intended to become
dynamic resources, to be nurtured and serve in turn as inputs into other
forums such as WSIS+10.

*The Best Practice Forum (BPF) onDeveloping meaningful multistakeholder
participation mechanisms
BPF-Multistakeholder for short,  invites community members to submit
brief descriptions (suggest a max 500 words each) of multistakeholder
and other participatory democratic practices they have used that have


*- worked very well*

*- worked rather badly*

Note that your experiences on challenges and failures are equally or
sometimes more valuable than your experience on success as we often
learn from failures.

In your contributions, please respond to issues and questions discussed
in the paper
deals with normative issues, that is descriptions of how the
multistakeholder model should work. This paper has been produced from
the output of last years BPF and comments made over the first months of
2015.  The contributions on practices should be about things that did or
did not work.  Each contribution should restrict itself to describing
just one practice. Should you wish to describe more than one practice,
please submit multiple contributions.

The contributions should notbe normative or describe how
multistakeholder organizations/processes/mechanisms should work. Any
normative comments should be added to the main BPF synthesis paper
as either comments or suggested text.  That document
open for comments and suggested text.

The contributions should be submitted to the BPF Multistakeholder
mailing list <mailto:bp_multistakeholder at intgovforum.org>and also to
Brian Gutterman (gutterman at un.org <mailto:gutterman at un.org>) by 13 July

The contributions will then be synthesized with the current paper, to
produce the draft input for this year’s IGF BPF meeting that will take
place during the annual IGF in Joao Pessoa from 10-13 November. Refining
this draft would then become the primary work item for this BPF in the
run up to the IGF.

The outputs produced by the BPF at IGF are intended to serve as inputs
to other Internet governance fora and processes and may be maintained as
living documents for further improvement. The output may also be used as
part of capacity building information available through the IGF website
and other distribution mechanisms such as the Friends of the IGF
research sites. It is hoped that this output will become useful input in
the further development of multistakeholder practice.

The open IGF working group facilitating the work of the
BPF-Multistakeholder remains open to new members and will continue to
remain open to all interested stakeholders. All information can be found

Best regards,
IGF Secretariat

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