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> I see you have removed my name from the registration list, as I will not be present in Baku. I also note that remote participants are not suggested to register.
> If this list is to assist networking and exchange of ideas and knowledge, I think that those of us who are remote would appreciate being included in the list, so our 'invisible' presence and interest are perceived. 
> While the list's first purpose surely was for planning meeting room purposes, now that it is being circulated for networking exchange, it becomes even more valuable to remote participants.  This is an important acknowledgement of our presence. 
> I urge you to encourage remote participants to register, and to be treated as full participants, not just observers of this important meeting, as much as is possible. Remote participation is one of the 'Best Bits' of the IGF, and I know you support it fully. One of the points the IGF Remote Participation Working Group prioritizes is the registration of remote participants as equal members of a meeting.
> I will re-register, knowing my name will stay on the list :)

I didn't remove you, which means if you had registered before then we didn't get it - Tapani had also reported that his registration wasn't recorded, so I guess the system is not 100% reliable.

Can I ask, though, that you (and others) hold off registering using the "Registration" link for now for two reasons:

(a) Registering that way doesn't actually make your details visible to anyone.  In order to make the list that I sent, had to manually copy and paste the names out of registration emails sent to me.

(b) It is important, for logistical reasons, that we know who will be present in person.  A few new registrations have just come in, and if they are only attending remotely (following your lead), we don't know that because they had no way to signal this.

So please hold on for a while until we put a better registration mechanism in place for remote participants.  Thanks!

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