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Ginger Paque gpaque at
Thu Oct 25 08:11:06 EDT 2012

Hi Jeremy and al,
I see you have removed my name from the registration list, as I will not be
present in Baku. I also note that remote participants are not suggested to

If this list is to assist networking and exchange of ideas and knowledge, I
think that those of us who are remote would appreciate being included in
the list, so our 'invisible' presence and interest are perceived.

While the list's first purpose surely was for planning meeting room
purposes, now that it is being circulated for networking exchange, it
becomes even more valuable to remote participants.  This is an important
acknowledgement of our presence.

I urge you to encourage remote participants to register, and to be treated
as full participants, not just observers of this important meeting, as much
as is possible. Remote participation is one of the 'Best Bits' of the IGF,
and I know you support it fully. One of the points the IGF Remote
Participation Working Group prioritizes is the registration of remote
participants as equal members of a meeting.

I will re-register, knowing my name will stay on the list :)

With much appreciation for your energy and organization, and everyone's

Ginger (Virginia) Paque

VirginiaP at
Diplo Foundation
Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme

On 25 October 2012 06:53, William Drake <william.drake at> wrote:

> Hi Jeremy
> Good to see this is moving along.  Is there any chance we could attach a
> bit more info to the names for the benefit of those who don't know each
> other?  Even just links to home pages would help...
>    Bill
> On Oct 25, 2012, at 4:33 AM, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> A couple of people have requested the final list of registered
> participants, so here it is. If you are not shown here and plan to be at
> Best Bits in person, please let me know and register now at
>  Thanks!
> Andrew Puddephatt
> Anja Kovacs
> Anriette Esterhuysen
> Antonio Medina Gomez
> Arthit Suriyawongkul
> Avri Doria
> Brett Solomon
> Claudio Ruiz
> Deborah Brown
> Dixie Hawtin
> Elonnai Hickok
> Emma Llanso
> Gene Kimmelman
> Iarla Flynn
> Imran Ahmed Shah
> Jeremy Malcolm
> Jochai Ben-Avie
> Joonas Mikael Mäkinen
> Joy Liddicoat
> Katitza Rodriguez
> Kevin Bankston
> Matthew Shears
> Michael Gurstein
> Norbert Bollow
> Parminder Jeet Singh
> Pranesh Prakash
> Premila Kumar
> Raquel Gatto
> Rashmi Rangnath
> Shita Laksmi
> Tapani Tarvainen
> Theresa Züger
> Valeria Betancourt
> William Drake
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