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Thu Oct 25 13:08:00 EDT 2012

Dear all,

I absolutely agree with what Ginger says.

Why remote participants are not suggested to register???

1. The IGF is being organized in a place, where many people are not able to
travel. (!)

In particular, those who live in Armenia, have Armenian origin, some
citizens of other countries (if necessary I will explain who in another
email), and all those who value highly their privacy  -  they all cannot
visit Azerbaijan.

I repeat, why remote participants are not counted on this event?

Again, I fully support Ginger's suggestion to enlarge the frames of the
event including remote participants.

Regards, Narine

On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 5:11 PM, Ginger Paque <gpaque at> wrote:

> Hi Jeremy and al,
> I see you have removed my name from the registration list, as I will not
> be present in Baku. I also note that remote participants are not suggested
> to register.
> If this list is to assist networking and exchange of ideas and knowledge,
> I think that those of us who are remote would appreciate being included in
> the list, so our 'invisible' presence and interest are perceived.
> While the list's first purpose surely was for planning meeting room
> purposes, now that it is being circulated for networking exchange, it
> becomes even more valuable to remote participants.  This is an important
> acknowledgement of our presence.
> I urge you to encourage remote participants to register, and to be treated
> as full participants, not just observers of this important meeting, as much
> as is possible. Remote participation is one of the 'Best Bits' of the IGF,
> and I know you support it fully. One of the points the IGF Remote
> Participation Working Group prioritizes is the registration of remote
> participants as equal members of a meeting.
> I will re-register, knowing my name will stay on the list :)
> With much appreciation for your energy and organization, and everyone's
> input,
> Ginger
> Ginger (Virginia) Paque
> VirginiaP at
> Diplo Foundation
> Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme
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> **
> On 25 October 2012 06:53, William Drake <william.drake at> wrote:
>> Hi Jeremy
>> Good to see this is moving along.  Is there any chance we could attach a
>> bit more info to the names for the benefit of those who don't know each
>> other?  Even just links to home pages would help...
>>    Bill
>> On Oct 25, 2012, at 4:33 AM, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
>> A couple of people have requested the final list of registered
>> participants, so here it is. If you are not shown here and plan to be at
>> Best Bits in person, please let me know and register now at
>>  Thanks!
>> Andrew Puddephatt
>> Anja Kovacs
>> Anriette Esterhuysen
>> Antonio Medina Gomez
>> Arthit Suriyawongkul
>> Avri Doria
>> Brett Solomon
>> Claudio Ruiz
>> Deborah Brown
>> Dixie Hawtin
>> Elonnai Hickok
>> Emma Llanso
>> Gene Kimmelman
>> Iarla Flynn
>> Imran Ahmed Shah
>> Jeremy Malcolm
>> Jochai Ben-Avie
>> Joonas Mikael Mäkinen
>> Joy Liddicoat
>> Katitza Rodriguez
>> Kevin Bankston
>> Matthew Shears
>> Michael Gurstein
>> Norbert Bollow
>> Parminder Jeet Singh
>> Pranesh Prakash
>> Premila Kumar
>> Raquel Gatto
>> Rashmi Rangnath
>> Shita Laksmi
>> Tapani Tarvainen
>> Theresa Züger
>> Valeria Betancourt
>> William Drake
>>  * *
>> --
>> Jeremy Malcolm PhD LLB (Hons) B Com
>> Internet and Open Source lawyer, consumer advocate, geek
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