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Dear all,

Please find below information regarding Global Encryption Day, and the
opportunity to sign onto a high-level statement to show your organisation's
commitment to protecting strong encryption in the face of continued
threats. Should you have any questions about the Global Encryption
Coalition or Global Encryption Day, don't hesitate to get in touch,




This year, the Global Encryption Coalition
<https://www.globalencryption.org/> is organizing its “Make the Switch”
campaign <https://ged.globalencryption.org/>, which culminates in the first
annual Global Encryption Day on October 21st. The campaign and Global
Encryption Day aim to improve public awareness of end-to-end encryption,
inspire users to make the switch to end-to-end encrypted services, and to
send a message to governments to abandon plans that will weaken encryption.

Encryption advocates are facing tough challenges to encryption and an
increasingly difficult environment to operate in. Global Encryption Day
aims to proactively counter this trend by providing a rallying point for
highlighting the importance of strong encryption and showing that
stakeholders from the Internet community and beyond support and defend the
use of strong encryption.

As part of Global Encryption Day, we are launching the Global Encryption
Day Statement. A high level statement
calling on governments and the private sector to reject efforts to
undermine encryption and instead pursue policies that enhance, strengthen,
and promote use of strong encryption to protect people everywhere. We are
asking your organization or company to add its name as a signatory to the
Global Encryption Day Statement. The greater support we can show on Global
Encryption Day, the bigger impact we can have on creating a better
environment for encryption advocacy to come.

*Please sign your company or organization on to the Global Encryption Day
Statement here
<https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/c1f39dbb9b9a4d76be4ea9df20a0f383>. *


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