[Governance] VIDEO: NANOG 83 Keynote: Who really controls the Internet? And should they? - Bert Hubert

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Fri Nov 19 00:05:58 EST 2021

Bert really nails this presentation, which is easily digestible via slides
/ transcript as well as video.

Other NANOG 83 session videos include Famous Internet Outages
 and IPv6 - The next 10 years

[image: YouTube] <http://https//youtu.be/K62fiw7inKE>On *November 2
2021*, *Bert
Hubert <https://berthub.eu/>* delivered a keynote at *NANOG 83* - '*Who
really controls the Internet? And should they?
The presentation discusses how control of the internet experience is moving
more and more into the hands of browser and phone vendors. If governments
don't agree, they have to resort to heavy measures to impose their will.
The shifting of control between governments and industry is nothing new.
Which developments are good and which aren't? There are no easy answers.

*VIEW ON YOUTUBE https://youtu.be/K62fiw7inKE

*TRANSCRIPT https://berthub.eu/articles/posts/who-controls-the-internet/

*SLIDES https://bit.ly/3x9M9fS <https://bit.ly/3x9M9fS>*

*TWITTER #NANOG83 @bert_hu_bert <https://bit.ly/3HEHffM> @nanog*

*NANOG83 PLAYLIST http://bit.ly/nanog83 <http://bit.ly/nanog83>*



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