[Governance] NOTICE: CSCG nomination process for IGF Leadership Panel

Sheetal Kumar sheetal at gp-digital.org
Mon Nov 15 04:51:55 EST 2021

Dear all,

As you may have seen, the IGF Secretariat has launched the nomination
process at the request of the Executive Office of the United Nations
Secretary-General for the *inaugural Leadership Panel of the 2022 and 2023
Internet Governance Forum (IGF) cycles*

Following several rounds of open consultations, the Leadership Panel is a
response to the Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation
<https://undocs.org/A/74/821>, which calls for strengthening of the IGF
through, among other aspects, *’’creating a strategic and empowered
multi-stakeholder high-level body, building on the experience of the
existing multi-stakeholder advisory group, which would address urgent
issues, coordinate follow-up action on Forum discussions and relay proposed
policy approaches and recommendations from the Forum to the appropriate
normative and decision-making forums*.’’

CSCG, and for this process, this includes APC and IGC, will run a
nomination process to identify nominees for the two categories:

   - Two [2] at-large members (distinguished or prominent persons who do
   not fall under above stakeholder groups) and
   - Two [2] CEO-level (or deputy-level) representatives from each of the
   other three stakeholder groups (civil society)

Please note, this does not mean we endorse the process or the mechanism
itself. We will send a letter with the nominations that clearly reiterates
our previous publicly stated positions (such as this Open letter on the
interpretation of paragraph 93(a) of the UNSG's Roadmap on Digital
and this on the future of the IGF
the Leadership Panel/Higher-level MAG
including the importance of maintaining the MAG's current role and not
supplanting it, the importance of diversity and inclusion, transparency etc
and make clear that our submission of nominees should not be read as

We intend that our nominations reflect the above criteria. Please note that
to receive a CSCG nomination for the IGF leadership panel you'll need to
send us (me and Valeria and Bruna cc'd) the information required on the online
We request this is done by *COB November 22 *so that we are able to submit
by the deadline of
*November 29. *

We look forward to receiving your nomination/s.


*Sheetal Kumar*
Head of Global Engagement and Advocacy | GLOBAL PARTNERS DIGITAL
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