[Governance] Sending a clear message to the UN Secretary-General towards the appointment of a UN Tech Envoy

Sheetal Kumar sheetal at gp-digital.org
Mon Nov 9 10:18:02 EST 2020

 Dear all,

As mentioned during the IGC's IGF pre-event last week, a few of us have
worked on sending a clear message to the UN Secretary-General towards the
appointment of a UN Tech Envoy.

The Position Paper is on this LINK
The longer link is

   1. Please feel free to add your organisation as a signatory  by *Monday
   November 16, 2020, noon UTC*
   2. At any time this week, you can email "
   nnenna.nwakanma at webfoundation.org" with any questions, comments
   or concerns.
   3. If  you are taking part in this year's virtual Internet Governance
   Forum, an Open Consultation
   has been scheduled on November 13, from 13h00 to 13h50. You are welcome to
   the consultation.
   4. Kindly forward to any other organisations working in the digital

With many thanks and on behalf of:

Access Now <https://www.accessnow.org/>

Association for Progressive Communications <https://www.apc.org/> - APC

Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa
<https://cipesa.org/> -  CIPESA

Data2x <https://data2x.org/>

Future of Life Institute  <https://futureoflife.org/>

Global Partners Digital <https://www.gp-digital.org/>

Internet Governance Caucus  <https://igcaucus.org/>

Internet Society <https://www.internetsociety.org/> - ISOC

Paradigm Initiative  <https://paradigmhq.org/>

World Wide Web Foundation <https://webfoundation.org/>


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