[governance] Who governs AI globally

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Tue May 28 08:58:13 EDT 2019

OECD's digital economy committee has developed these AI governance
principles http://www.oecd.org/going-digital/ai/principles/

And now the World Economic Forum has stepped in to do global governance
of AI


Maybe, at least at this stage the IG civil society would want to
re-assess why they fought so bitterly against any such thing potentially
being done at a UN body.... Where at least all countries are equally
represented, and big business does not dictate terms openly. . (And had
at the same time supported the WEF based NetMundial Initiative.)

Interestingly enough, we were then told that the UN can have no role
because there are countries like China over there. Really! The WEF
initiative is headed by a USian and a Chinese... Going beyond the OECD
initiative, it is an attempt to find common ground between the two
digital biggies, and the emerging two poles of the digital world...

So, we have what many of us have been warning all this
multistakeholderism is about ...It is a way to subvert democratic
institutions and thinking and make it more acceptable to have those who
are politically and economically the strongest to dictate rules to
everyone... From democratic governance to a market of governance, where
what you can do depends on what power you bring to the table.

We see this happening right in front of our eyes..

And how bitterly did the civil society reps, and also tech community,
oppose at the UN working group on enhanced cooperation for international
public policies (and other forums), in the end, even to just have a day
or two of annual dedicated meeting at the most innocuous Commission for
Science and Technology for Development, where developing countries could
bring up their Internet/ digital governance problems , and could maybe
have just that small role in shaping global digital governance,
including AI governance...

But, no, multistakeholderism checks for your political and economic heft
not your democratic legitimacy.

Now, the developing countries can sit on the outside and wait for the
richest countries (OECD) and the biggest global businesses (WEF) to
develop global digital/ AI rules and convey it to them!

Does the Internet governance civil society plan to introspect on this
all important mis-contribution that it made? Or at least the developing
country participants here?


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