[governance] Christchurchcall collective input and next steps

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Sun May 26 19:48:40 EDT 2019

Dear all

As we discussed during our meeting on Thursday New Zealand government has
asked for input to be submitted to Chirstchurch call process by 31 May.
Your organization can send their separate statements, we also encourage you
to sign on the following statement. If you would like to add to the collective
input you can send additional comments to us and to be added as an addendum
by Tuesday 28 May.
Here is the link to the Input Google Doc.


Here is the recording of our last meeting on Thursday. I will send a brief
note about that meeting. https://bluejeans.com/s/ShBpF

We discussed how various organizations can sign up to the input, Ellen also
briefed us on her meeting with the NZ government about the next steps . We
also discussed the need to assess whether we want to participate at
Christchurchcall process considering that the pledge text will not be
changed. We can continue having regular meetings (every month) to keep
ourselves informed until September when Prime Minister Ardern intends to
discuss Christchurchcall with the UN General Assembly (this is just to
inform the general assembly about it, not to sign up to the pledge).


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