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     Dear all,   

 In case you are travelling to Brussels to attend CPDP, this week, I would like to invite you to our session on CyberBRICS: challenges and opportunities for data protection in the BRICS, tomorrow, Friday 1st February, at 16:00 CET. The session will kick-off our new CyberBRICS Project  (http://www.cyberbrics.info/ ) with a debate on the recent (r)evolutions regarding privacy and data protection in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, featuring some of the  CyberBRICS team members. See  https://www.cpdpconferences.org/cpdp-panels/cyberbrics-challenges-and-opportunities-for-data-protection-in-the-brics
 I would also like to thank all those in this list who applied for the CyberBRICS fellowship, inviting those who were not selected to apply to the next edition of the fellowship, and seizing the opportunity to introduce the first CyberBRICS fellows that will be at FGV Law School between February and October, conducting research on data protection and cybersecurity frameworks in the BRICS: 
 •               Ian Brown, CyberBRICS visiting professor (6 weeks) 
 •               Min Jiang (Chinese fellow) 
 •               Anja Kovacs (Indian fellow)
 •               Sagwadi Mabunda (South African fellow)
 •               Daniel Oppermann (Brazilian fellow)
 •               Andrey Shcherbovich (Russian fellow)
 I would also like also to express gratitude to the CyberBRICS Advisory Board members, listed below, for their support and precious help in selecting the research fellows
 ·         Evandro Carvalho, FGV Law School & Academy of BRICS Laws at Southwest University, Chongqing
 ·         Hannah Draper, Open Society Foundations
 ·         Benedicto Fonseca Filho, Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
 ·         Alison Gillwald, Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance University of Cape Town 
 ·         Elonnai Hickok, Centre for Internet and Society 
 ·         Alexey Ivanov, Higher School of Economics, Moscow
 ·         Bruno Ramos, International Telecommunication Union 
 ·         Sergio Suchodolski, New Development Bank
 ·         Shen Yi, Fudan University 
 Finally yet importantly, I would also like welcome the first CyberBRICS Associated Scholars:
 ·         Sunil Abraham, Center for Internet and Society
 ·         Bruno Bioni, University of São Paulo 
 ·         Enrico Calandro, Research ICT Africa 
 ·         Abhik Chaudhuri, Tata Consultancy Services
 ·         Danilo Doneda, Instituto Brasiliense de Direito Público (IDP)
 ·         Ivar Hartmann, FGV Law School
 ·         Tatiana Indina, Center for New Media and Society
 ·         Yong Liu, Hebei Academy of Social Sciences
 ·         Marcelo Thompson, University of Hong Kong
 ·         Anri van der Spuy, Research ICT Africa
 ·         Nicolo Zingales, University of Sussex
 If you have any questions or if you are working in the areas mentioned above and want to join the CyberBRICS Associated Scholars, please drop me a private message.
 I hope to see as many of you as possible in Brussels this week
 All the best

Luca Belli, PhD 
Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation, FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School 
Chercheur Associé, Centre de Droit Public Comparé, Université Paris 2



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