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Valid points Farzaneh, our coordination deserve a wake up call. The earlier
we start thinking about the questions raised by Siva, the better. Hope our
coordinators call meeting soon.
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On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 6:53 PM farzaneh badii <governance at lists.riseup.net>

> Thank you Siva, this is a very good question. the Internet Governance
> Caucus network is almost inactive, we did not do any civil society event
> this year before IGF ( I think there was one on Sunday though, I am not
> sure) but all in all we need better coordination.
> I think Carolina and others had a meeting to discuss having a civil
> society pre-event of civil society at RightsCon during IGF, was wondering
> what the outcome was?
> We can also do an online meeting and discuss what we need to do in 2019 to
> be more active and effective in IG fora.
> Best
> Farzaneh
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>> Hello
>> The IG Civil Society was formed during WSIS Geneva and WSIS Tunis, took
>> shape and was relatively active in the first 10 years leading to WSIS+10.
>> Though individual leaders remain committed as ever, the interactions in the
>> list, and during face to face opportunities, are at a reduced level. What
>> is it that needs to be done by lead participants from around the world to
>> strengthen and expand Civil Society participation in Internet Governance?
>> --
>> Sivasubramanian M
>> India.
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>> Sivasubramanian M
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