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Fri Jan 19 12:44:22 EST 2018

Hi Renata

>From outreach action for IGF I normally understand MAG chair and members
letting know other stakeholders, including perhaps at specific meetings
attended for this purpose, the nature of IGF, its deliberations, etc and
encouraging wider participation from new groups...

I do not understand from IGF outreach, from what I understand about the
IGF, for MAG chair to go to policy or related forums, representing IGF,
and speaking on substantive policy issues, which one cannot do without
giving specific views. However, if this is your view of IGF outreach as
a MAG member, I will like to discuss, and contest, it.

As you would notice from the email from MAG chair, she mentions about
speaking, by all indications as IGF MAG chair, and representing the IGF,
at substantive sessions, and indeed chairing co-chairing an WEF
initiative.... Further, i see mention of "two collaboration between the
WEG and IGF's major policy initiatives ".... I had no idea any such
collaboration existed. Can MAG members confirm it....

Also, pl confirm if these are considered IGF outreach activities, and
legitimate roles for the IGF and some people representing them. I
request a clear response.

And who funds participation and other aspects of these activities, the
IGF, ( i know that is very unlikely) , private funds of the involved
people, or the WEF BECAUSE it is the IGF, and co-branding helps? Again,
please provide this specific information.

Lastly, has the IGF and its MAG ever considered doing outreach to, say,
the World Social Forum, the WEF equivalent civil society space, or these
outreaches are only for the big business venues....

Thanks, parminder

On Friday 19 January 2018 08:25 PM, Renata Aquino Ribeiro wrote:
> Dear all
> This is an outreach action for IGF, same as in other events such as WSIS. 
> I do not see how the IGF is modified by anything that goes on in WEF,
> they are different spaces, with different purposes. 
> The IGF activities are open to all who wish to participate and propose
> investigative partnerships, dialogues. 
> Those involved with the IGF have to integrate in the dialogues the
> communities, to listen as many voices as possible and bring them to be
> represented in outcomes. 
> For that, outreach is done.  
> (This is a personal opinion)
> Best,
> Renata
> On Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 11:02 AM, David Allen
> <David_Allen_AB63 at post.harvard.edu
> <mailto:David_Allen_AB63 at post.harvard.edu>> wrote:
>     I strongly second Parminder.
>     Lynn St.Amour is a highly qualified, experienced member of this
>     community who could contribute to WEF appearing there on her own
>     right. But, invoking her position as chair of the IGF management
>     group, the MAG, violates all that has been hammered out over long
>     years. As Parminder forthrightly notes.
>     Most importantly perhaps, that can damage the IGF mission – to be
>     a neutral clearinghouse for what are sometimes radically opposed
>     views. True neutrality requires being utterly faithful to process
>     of evenhandedness, so ensuring diametrically opposed views feel
>     equally comfortable in the dialogue – so, NOT taking a position.
>     Not to mention the violation of structural arrangements.
>     David
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>         I really did not know that IGF had its own agency to represent
>         itself at other forums. Whom does it really represent? Because
>         when you represent, you also speak for. For whom does the it
>         speak, and on what basis? .. That is a mission creep which has
>         been done without consulting or even declaring.... 
>         IGF is not even an agency like the WTO which has a certain
>         substantive beinghood ..... Even WTO's going to WEF and making
>         programs with WTO have been criticised (see for
>         instance http://www.twn.my/title2/wto.info/2017/ti171233.htm
>         <http://www.twn.my/title2/wto.info/2017/ti171233.htm> ). I
>         remember that when the WEF centric Netmundial Initiative was
>         formed the IGF was invited to join it, but a view was taken
>         that the IGF is not a substantive agency/ organisation to
>         represent any substantive view etc to be a part of such an
>         initiative.... So, why is "the IGF" going to WEF now, and
>         "representing the IGF" ...... MAG is a program management
>         committee, and it has no role beyond organising the IGF. This
>         has been clarified many time.... (In fact even when some of us
>         wanted to give a more substantive role to the IGF, as part of
>         CSTG WG on IGF improvements, some of those who are now
>         associated with representing the IGF opposed such a role.) 
>         MAG Chair DOES NOT represent the IGF in any way. 
>         I dont accept such a representational role. I will request the
>         CS members of the MAG to explain this to me. 
>         thanks, parminder 
>         On Friday 19 January 2018 06:05 PM, Imran Ahmed Shah (via
>         bestbits Mailing List) wrote:
>             Dear All, 
>             Just to share an announcement from the MAG Chair on
>             representing the IGF at the 2018 World Economic Forum
>             Annual Meeting in Davos, where the theme of the year
>             is "Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World”. Might
>             be interested for you.
>             Best Regards
>             Imran Ahmed Shah
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>             Forum - Davos 2018 "Creating a Shared Future in a
>             Fractured World”
>             Dear Colleagues,
>             Please see below an announcement from the MAG Chair on
>             representing the IGF at the 2018 World Economic Forum
>             Annual Meeting in Davos.
>             Best regards,
>             Anja
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>             From: "Lynn St.Amour" 
>             Sent by: "Igfmaglist" 
>             Date: 01/18/2018 08:50PM
>             Subject: [IGFmaglist] World Economic Forum - Davos 2018
>             "Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World”
>             Dear colleagues,
>             I am writing to you as I/the IGF have been invited to
>             participate in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in
>             Davos.   This year the theme is: "Creating a Shared Future
>             in a Fractured World”.    Note: There is a guide on how to
>             follow/“participate” in Davos here:
>              https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/12/how-to-follow-davos-2018/
>             <https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/12/how-to-follow-davos-2018/>  
>              And, there is an ongoing stream of content on digital
>             issues, including an interesting interactive map available
>             through the first panel
>             here: https://www.weforum.org/system-initiatives/shaping-the-future-of-digital-economy-and-society/articles
>             <https://www.weforum.org/system-initiatives/shaping-the-future-of-digital-economy-and-society/articles>
>             In 2017,  the IGF Secretariat, the CENB facilitators, some
>             DCs, and I (as IGF MAG Chair) participated in various
>             World Economic Forum (WEF) meetings/conference calls.  
>             Many were connected to Access and their “Internet For All”
>             projects, but others were connected to IoT, and Networks
>             as Platforms, to name only a few.    WEF activities in
>             relevant areas (where we were aware of them) were flagged
>             to the NRIs, DCs, etc.   In addition, for several years
>             there has been a two-way collaboration between the WEF and
>             the IGF major policy initiative (IGF Policy Options for
>             Connecting and Enabling the Next Billion(s)).   
>             As mentioned during previous MAG meetings,  I was also
>             asked to Co-Chair the Stewardship Board for a WEF
>             Initiative called “Digital Economy and Society” (DES).  
>              This Stewardship Board is convened annually during the
>             World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos.  Per the WEF
>             this initiative provides an opportunity to develop a
>             shared vision for a sustainable, inclusive, and
>             trustworthy digital future and priorities for
>             collaborative action.   In particular, the initiative
>             seeks to align and accelerate progress around six shared
>             global outcomes:
>             1.     Access & Adoption: All people (without differences
>             in geography, gender or income) can access and use the
>             internet
>             2.     Responsible Digital Transformation: Business,
>             government and civil society leaders act responsibly and
>             competently to usher in a sustainable digital transformation
>             3.     Fit for purpose, informed governance: Global,
>             regional, national policies are informed by evidence and
>             well-equipped to deal with the transnational nature of
>             digital connectivity
>             4.     Secure & resilient people, processes & practices:
>             All individuals, institutions and infrastructure are
>             resilient to vulnerabilities created by increasing digital
>             connectivity
>             5.     Robust, interoperable digital Identities: All
>             people can access and use integrated, inclusive, trusted
>             digital identity regimes that enhance their social and
>             economic well being
>             6.     Benefits from data sharing while respecting
>             privacy: Individuals and institutions can share data in
>             ways that create social and economic value while
>             respecting the privacy of fellow digital citizens
>             James Smith, President & CEO, Thomson Reuters is the other
>             Co-Chair, and together, we will be facilitating the
>             Stewardship Board Meeting at Davos this year.   To the
>             extent that there are activities that are aligned and that
>             you wish to highlight we would welcome hearing them.   
>             I am also moderating or speaking at various panels during
>             Davos and will be reflecting IGF activities, value, values
>             and principles.  Some of the sessions:
>             - Strategic Outlook: Digital Economy
>             - BroadBand Commission - Internet For All session 
>             - Trustworthy Data: The Foundation of Innovation
>             There are many common topics of interest and everyone is
>             encouraged to share view points/submit questions, so
>             please see the link below for social media info.,
>             etc. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/12/how-to-follow-davos-2018/
>             <https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/12/how-to-follow-davos-2018/>
>             Note: I am sending this note to last years MAG (noting the
>             2018 MAG and MAG Chair are not yet formally constituted). 
>             I am also asking  the secretariat to forward this note to
>             the NRIs, DCs, CENB, etc. and to note this on the IGF
>             website in order to get the broadest distribution possible.
>             Very much look forward to your contributions, 
>             Best,
>             Lynn
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